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Zomato Wedding Invitation: Will You Be There?

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Zomato chose the Sunday Times to declare its connection with ‘dinner,’ presenting the ad with a wedding card-inspired makeover. It seems the wedding season is here, and Zomato is embracing the sentiment. Explore the enchantment with Zomato unique wedding invitation.

The Story Behind Zomato Wedding Invitation

In a whimsical twist, Zomato has chosen the pages of the Sunday Times to proclaim its unconventional union with none other than ‘dinner.’ The advertisement, creatively borrowing from the aesthetics of wedding cards, hints that the wedding season is upon us, and Zomato is reveling in the sentiment.

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Zomato Wedding Invitation: Will You Be There?
Source: Afaqs
Zomato Wedding Invitation: Will You Be There?
Source: Afaqs

This symbolic ‘union’ introduces Zomato as the offspring of ‘on-time delivery and up to 60% off,’ tying the knot with Dinner, characterized as ‘the daughter of evening snacks and late-night munching.’ The invitation, seeking blessings, discloses key details such as the date (3rd December) and venue (your home). Adding a humorous touch, Blinkit invites attendees with a playful “Mele Bhaiya ke function pe jalul-jalul aana.”

Convincing Reasons to Attend

Zomato presents a compelling case for attendance at this one-of-a-kind ‘wedding.’ Diverging from traditional ceremonies, the event encourages guests to stay comfortably in their pyjamas, eliminates the need for travel with doorstep food delivery, and assures an intimate dining experience with no intrusive cameraman capturing every bite. Zomato’s unconventional ‘wedding’ mirrors its commitment to ‘always delivering on time.’

The Perfect Blend of Humor and Innovation

Zomato’s latest advertising endeavor seamlessly weaves humor and innovation. Placed strategically in the widely-read Sunday Times, the ad guarantees broad exposure. Its distinctive wedding card format ensures the attention of the audience, while the clever association of precise delivery with Indian weddings is poised to resonate with both marketing-conscious viewers and those with an appreciation for a good laugh.

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This humorous Zomato wedding invitation not only showcases its playful side but also highlights the brand’s commitment to delivering a unique and enjoyable experience, leaving readers eagerly anticipating this unconventional celebration of love and food.


In conclusion, Zomato wedding invitation not only captures attention with its humor and creative flair but also cleverly aligns with the brand’s commitment to precision and customer satisfaction. The unique ‘union’ with ‘Dinner’ showcases Zomato’s innovative marketing approach, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for its users. As we anticipate the unconventional celebration, it becomes evident that Zomato, beyond being a food delivery platform, continues to redefine the boundaries of traditional advertising, leaving its audience both amused and intrigued.

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