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Vicky Kaushal Becomes Writer in Sam Manekshaw’s style for Zomato

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In a unique and flavorful collaboration, Zomato, the leading food delivery platform, has teamed up with Bollywood actor Vicky Kaushal to pay a special tribute to India’s legendary Field Marshal, Sam Manekshaw. Stepping into the role of ‘Notifications Commander’ at Zomato, Vicky took charge for a day, crafting and sending orders in his own distinctive style.

A Day in the Life of Notifications Commander Vicky Kaushal for Zomato

The latest ad film captures the essence of this collaboration, as Zomato users find themselves greeted by notifications personally written by Vicky Kaushal. Drawing inspiration from his recent film ‘Sam Bahadur,’ where he portrays the commanding character of Sam Manekshaw, Vicky seamlessly merges the worlds of cinema and cuisine.

From personalized breakfast requests that cater to individual tastes to exploring pizza preferences, including the daring choice of pineapples as toppings, Vicky’s creative prowess knows no bounds. The actor brings the commanding nature of his on-screen character to every order, creating a delightful and engaging experience for Zomato users.

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Vicky Kaushal’s Call to Action: Watch ‘Sam Bahadur’ in Theaters

In the final note, Vicky Kaushal encourages people to watch ‘Sam Bahadur’ in theaters, creating a seamless connection between the film and the Zomato platform. As Notifications Commander, he leaves a lasting impression on Zomato users, ensuring that every order is not just a meal but an experience to be savored.

A Cinematic Connection on Every Platform

The collaboration extends beyond the confines of the ad film, spreading its wings across social media, app banners, and cityscape hoardings. Zomato and Vicky have successfully woven a distinctive fusion of delightful orders and engaging stories, transforming each interaction into an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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A Surprise for the Real Heroes – Zomato’s Delivery Partners

To make this collaboration even more special, Zomato hosted a secret screening of ‘Sam Bahadur’ for its delivery partners in Delhi. The actor, embodying the reel-life Sam, made a surprise appearance at the screening, much to the delight of the 200 delivery partners in attendance. This thoughtful gesture not only celebrated the film but also recognized the hard work and dedication of these real-life heroes who bring joy to countless households with every delivery.

Vicky Kaushal Becomes Writer in Sam Manekshaw's style for Zomato


This collaboration between Zomato and Vicky Kaushal stands out as a delightful fusion of art and gastronomy. It goes beyond being a mere promotional stunt, evolving into an immersive experience that brings a touch of cinematic magic to the dinner table. Vicky’s portrayal as the ‘Notifications Commander’ adds a layer of creativity and entertainment to the food delivery process, turning each order into a unique adventure.

In celebrating the life and spirit of Sam Manekshaw, this collaboration successfully bridges the gap between reel and real, acknowledging the efforts of Zomato’s delivery partners who play a crucial role in bringing joy to households. As we savor the creative synergy between Bollywood and the food industry, we’re reminded that sometimes, a touch of flair and a dash of creativity can transform the ordinary into something truly extraordinary.

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