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Zomato’s Mother’s Day Campaign Reminds You to Celebrate Mom

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Mother’s Day is coming up on May 12th, and Zomato is here to make sure you don’t forget! Their latest campaign is a laugh-out-loud riot featuring a star-studded cast and a reminder that forgetting Mom’s special day is a way more common occurrence than you might think.

Zomato’s Mother’s Day Campaign: Forgetful Fun

The ad opens with a classic scenario: a daughter caught red-handed forgetting Mother’s Day. Luckily, Mom’s forgiving nature shines through, but it sets the stage for a hilarious exploration of forgetfulness. We see statistics revealing 8 out of 10 Indians forget Mother’s Day, and the ad follows people going to extreme lengths to avoid such a slip-up – from permanent marker reminders to alien-themed ponderings.

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A Star-Studded Call to Action

Cricket fans will recognize a cheeky reference to Virat Kohli, while social media favorites like Arpit Bhala and Beer Biceps make their appearances. Even Nana Patekar gets in on the act! The ad cleverly weaves these cameos in to emphasize the importance of remembering Mom.

Don’t Forget to Set a Reminder!

The message is clear: set a reminder on Zomato for Mother’s Day! The ad ends with a playful scare tactic, reminiscent of the viral “witch on the road” prank, to truly hammer home the date.

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A Look Back at Zomato’s Mother’s Day Campaign

This year’s campaign isn’t Zomato’s first foray into uniquely celebrating mothers. Last year, they transformed into “Mazoto,” a food delivery platform designed by moms, complete with special promo codes and a “ChildGPT” feature that tugged at the heartstrings.

Wrapping up: Zomato’s Mother’s Day Campaign

Zomato’s campaigns go beyond just reminding you to celebrate Mom – they provide tools and inspiration to make it a truly special day. So this Mother’s Day, don’t forget to show your appreciation – and maybe place a delicious order through Zomato while you’re at it!

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