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Shahid Kapoor asking you Tu Poker Khelta Hai Kya?’ in PokerBaazi new campaign

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PokerBaazi, an online poker platform, launches its newest brand campaign titled “Tu Poker Khelta Hai Kya?”. The campaign showcases Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, the company’s brand ambassador. It intricately emphasizes how inherent poker skills present in everyday Indian interactions can be utilized to excel in the game.

Shahid Kapoor in PokerBaazi campaign

Campaign Announcement:

PokerBaazi, a leading platform for poker enthusiasts, unveils its latest brand campaign titled “Tu Poker Khelta Hai Kya?”. Featuring Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor, the campaign aims to spotlight the inherent poker skills found in everyday Indian interactions.

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Campaign Synopsis:

The campaign humorously portrays how common life skills can translate into successful poker playing. Shahid Kapoor, as the protagonist, adeptly demonstrates traits such as quick thinking, strategic maneuvering, and reading people, akin to those employed in poker games.

Core Message Highlight:

With the tagline “Jo life mein khelta hai wo Poker bhi khel sakta hai” (Those who play in life can also play poker), the ads effectively convey the message of leveraging everyday skills to excel in the game. Shahid Kapoor’s character showcases how traits like quick decision-making and detecting bluffs are essential in both real-life situations and poker games.

Creative Agency

Conceived in partnership with the creative agency Talented, the campaign will air its brand films during the ongoing Indian Premier League on Jio. Additionally, it will include extensive out-of-home advertising across various cities.

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What do experts have to say about this campaign?

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Navkiran Singh, founder and CEO of Baazi Games shared, “Poker is a mind sport and through our messaging we have been able to establish the fact that like any other sport even Poker requires certain skills. In our latest campaign we are talking about a simple fact that we, as Indians, possess some of these skills which we use in our daily lives. You can use them to play Poker and at the same time playing Poker can make you get better at these life skills.”


In conclusion, PokerBaazi latest brand campaign, “Tu Poker Khelta Hai Kya?”, featuring Shahid Kapoor and crafted in collaboration with Talented, cleverly bridges the gap between everyday life and the strategic nuances of poker. With its witty portrayal of relatable scenarios and the message that life’s skills can seamlessly translate into the game of poker, the campaign promises to resonate with audiences across India, further solidifying the platform’s position in the realm of online gaming.

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