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Spiderman Joins Zomato as Delivery Partner

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You’re watching a Spider-Man movie, simultaneously placing an order for food from Zomato. Spider-Man on the TV screen is on the verge of saving the world when suddenly, the doorbell rings. As you open the door, to your utter astonishment, Your Zomato delivery Partner is none other than Spider-Man himself, delivering your food. How will you feel? In a captivating new campaign, Zomato, the renowned food aggregator platform, has transformed Spider-Man into an extraordinary delivery executive as part of its Spider-Man Zomato Delivery Partner initiative. The campaign video showcases Spider-Man delivering customers’ orders directly to their doorsteps, eliciting a mix of excitement, astonishment, and camera clicks from those fortunate enough to witness the web-slinger in action.

What is Zomato X Spiderman Campagin

Zomato, the renowned food ordering and delivery platform from India, has partnered with the highly anticipated Hollywood movie ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.’ This groundbreaking collaboration marks the first-ever in-film integration of an Indian company. Zomato’s brand name will be prominently featured in a crucial moment of the film, generating immense excitement around this unique integration. With plans to increase the film’s screen count, Sony Pictures Entertainment India aims to surpass the success of the previous Oscar-winning ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

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Where it all Started?

It all began with a captivating billboard: “On-time delivery now in Spider-Verse.” Zomato’s clever usage of Uncle Ben’s iconic quote from Spider-Man set the stage for an intriguing revelation. Soon, it was unveiled that Zomato would make its mark in the world of movies. With an array of promotional activities across cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai, Zomato showcased its integration into ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.’ From out-of-home billboards to animated videos, Zomato left no stone unturned to engage its customers on new and innovative levels. This milestone collaboration signifies the global recognition of an Indian company in the realm of entertainment, marking an exciting chapter in Zomato’s journey.

Zomato X Spiderverse Billboard

Zomato marketing head Sahibjeet Singh Sawhney commented on the integration, saying, “At Zomato, we believe in moving onwards and upwards. Today, we are excited to tell you about our next stop i.e. Hollywood! You will see Zomato in the movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, releasing on 1 June. It’s a one-of its kind integration – for the first time, an Indian company will be showcased in a Hollywood film, globally. Thanks to the Indian arm of Sony Pictures Releasing International for the collaboration. The efforts of their team over the years have been noteworthy in making Spider-Man one of India’s favourite superheroes. Do watch the movie and enjoy the action.”

Campaign Opinion

Zomato continues its marketing reign with the Spider-Man collaboration, joining the crown of its marketing triumphs. This exciting partnership showcases Zomato’s ability to captivate audiences with innovative campaigns, solidifying its position as the marketing king. Innovation meets entertainment, a delicious combo. How do you feel about this campaign , let us know in the comment section below.

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