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Tata Trust takes on an emotional journey with its latest campaign “Kaise Ka Cancer”

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Cancer is a deadly disease and its patient goes through a journey of trauma and pain throughout. This was well understood by the Tata Trust group as they came up with a very emotional campaign, “Kaise ka Cancer”, on this World Cancer Day.

Tata Trusts is taking a stand to bridge the gap in care with the launch of the “Kaise Ka Cancer” campaign. This initiative brings attention to the overwhelming uncertainty faced by cancer patients and their caregivers, particularly those from rural communities. By shining a light on the four crucial pillars of awareness, accessibility, quality care, and affordability, Tata Trusts is working towards a future where every individual has the support they need to fight cancer.

Created and Conceptualized by Rediffusion Brand Solutions, the “Kaise Ka Cancer” campaign is rooted in a comprehensive way that offers insights into the experiences of cancer patients from diagnosis to recovery. Focusing on the importance of early cancer detection, the film follows the journeys of individuals affected by this disease, illuminating the overwhelming fear and uncertainty that often eclipses the diagnosis itself. Tata Trusts Cancer Care Programme provides a beacon of hope, offering support through its four pillars of awareness, accessibility, quality care, and affordability.

With the goal of addressing the profound challenges faced by cancer patients and their loved ones, the “Kaise Ka Cancer” came up with three films, that bring attention to the deeper issues surrounding cancer care in India and showcase how Tata Trusts Cancer Care Programme guides individuals on their journey towards hope and healing.

The first film of the “Kaise Ka Cancer” campaign takes viewers on an emotional journey with cancer patients, shedding light on the fears and uncertainties that often overshadow the disease itself. With a focus on the importance of support beyond just medical care, the film highlights how the four pillars of the Tata Trusts Cancer Care Programme provide relief for the worries about personal life, finances, and the future, offering a ray of sunshine.

Deepshikha Surendran, Head of Brand and Marketing Communications, Tata Trusts, said“Tata Trusts’ entry into cancer care dates back to 1941 when the Tata Memorial Hospital opened in Mumbai as a beacon of strength for those feeling hopeless. Through the ‘Kaise Ka Cancer’ campaign, we want to highlight the Trusts’ efforts across the entire spectrum of the life cycle of a person affected by cancer. Our goal with this 360-degree campaign and the activations that will follow is to increase awareness around the importance of regular screening and highlight the resources available to people who may be detected with cancer and let them know that with accessible and affordable aid and assistance, there is hope.

Kalyani Srivastav, Joint President, Rediffusion Brand Solutions, added, “Our campaign thought of ‘Kaise Ka Cancer’ was based on extensive research. We realized that there is a bigger disease than Cancer, which it triggers at its very onset. It’s the condition of the unknown. The patient is faced with too many unsettling questions with no answers in sight. These questions consume the patient more than the disease itself. The 1st step to win against cancer is to have answers to these questions.”


Agency: Rediffusion Brand Solutions

Production: Cutaway Films

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