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Celebrating Homemakers: Dalmia Bharat’s International Women’s Day Campaign

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As we celebrate International Women’s Day this year, it is an opportune time to recognize and honor the achievements of women across all sectors – one of them being the construction industry, where women are still underrepresented. To mark the occasion, Dalmia Bharat Limited, one of India’s leading cement companies, has launched a digital campaign called ‘Homemaker’ to highlight and acknowledge the role of women in the construction industry.

The digital campaign centers around a play on the word ‘Homemaker’ and the difference between its literal and conventional meaning. Normally, the term ‘Homemaker’ is associated with stay-at-home mothers or housewives. The campaign focuses on understanding the literal meaning of a ‘Homemaker’ – someone who builds homes. Through this initiative, Dalmia Bharat wants to bring about a change in perception, showing that women are equally capable of working in the construction sector and can be successful in the same.

The campaign will be activated through a series of teasers, testimonials, and a short film. The short film, tagged as ‘Because I’m that woman who chooses to be a #homemaker’, portrays how women in the construction industry face stereotypes but still manage to build their own destinies. The film will show a woman initially being portrayed as a homemaker, but there will be a twist towards the end showing her as the actual engineer, contractor, and architect of homes – the actual ‘homemaker’.

Targeted at Tier I and Tier II audiences, the International Women’s Day campaign aims to reach out to a larger talent pool, potential employees, and educational institutes. The campaign will run across six key digital platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp till March 2023.

A Dalmia Bharat spokesperson commented, “Traditionally, the construction industry is a male-dominated field and only 12% of women are part of this workforce in India. It remains an uncommon choice for women professionally due to the typecast and lack of opportunities. On Women’s Day, we want to amplify our intent for the need to bring about a paradigm shift in this industry. We hope the campaign can sensitize and encourage women to explore and consider opportunities in our industry and company.”

It is inspiring to see Dalmia Bharat’s initiative to give recognition to the women in the construction industry and to create an environment where they can thrive and grow. We hope that this campaign will not only bring more women into the construction industry but also make this sector more inclusive and equal.

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