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Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs: The Story of Tjori’s Founder, Mansi Gupta

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Women entrepreneurs are a vital force in today’s business world. Their contribution to economic growth, innovation, and job creation is undeniable. By breaking through gender barriers and pursuing their dreams, women entrepreneurs inspire others to follow in their footsteps. Moreover, their unique perspectives and experiences bring diversity and creativity to the business landscape. Supporting and empowering women entrepreneurs is not just a matter of fairness, but also a smart investment in a more prosperous and equitable future. One such successful woman entrepreneur is Mansi Gupta. 

Mansi Gupta and her company Tjori

Mansi Gupta is the founder of the Indian lifestyle brand Tjori, which launched in 2013. Mansi’s company has grown to become one of the most popular destinations for shoppers looking for unique and authentic handcrafted goods. Mansi’s dedication and hard work have made her a successful entrepreneur, inspiring other women in the business world. Mansi is proof that women entrepreneurs play a crucial role in driving innovation, creating jobs, and building strong economies.

The brand, Tjori is dedicated to promoting traditional Indian handicrafts imbued with a touch of modernism and quality of international standards. Tjori, started from a rented office in Delhi with Rs 10 lakh and eight employees in 2013. It has grown into a Rs 19 crore turnover company with about 80 employees today. The brand sells products in the apparel, home, wellness, jewellery, shoes, and bags categories. And recently they introduced a mother and child catalogue. Its products are sold to customers in more than 190 countries and are shipped through its courier partner FedX. The brand’s next goal is to transition from an e-commerce website to a walk-in store. And spread its stores worldwide to become the best-selling Indian lifestyle brand on a global platform.

Early Life and Education

Mansi Gupta was born and raised in Jammu, India, in a family of travel enthusiasts who would bring back handicrafts from their travels. This exposure to travel and handicrafts from a young age triggered her love for handicrafts. She completed her schooling from Nagbani, Jammu and went on to pursue her graduation in BCA from Pune University.

Later, she completed her MBA from the Business School of Cardiff University and has a specialization in finance from the University of Wharton. Mansi worked in corporate sales at IBM before joining the Wharton Program for Working Professionals, where the idea of Tjori started taking shape.

Mansi Gupta grew up in Jammu, India, in a family that loved to travel and bring back handicrafts. This exposure to travel and handicrafts from a young age triggered her love for handicrafts. She attended MHAC School, Nagbani, and Maharaja Harisingh Collegiate School in Jammu before moving to Pune for her graduation in BCA from Pune University. Later, she pursued a post-graduate degree from the University of Whales in the UK. Mansi worked in corporate sales at IBM before joining the Wharton Program for Working Professionals, where the idea of Tjori started taking shape.

Mansi Gupta’s education provided her with a diverse set of skills and knowledge that prepared her for entrepreneurship. Her degree in BCA equipped her with technical knowledge, while her post-graduate degree from the University of Whales exposed her to the international market and business practices. The Wharton Program for Working Professionals further honed her business acumen and helped her realize the potential of the handicraft industry in North America.

Mansi’s education, combined with her exposure to travel and handicrafts from a young age, gave her the tools to start Tjori, an e-commerce platform that directly connects customers to Indian craftsmen, weavers, and artisans, and offers them exclusive hand-crafted products at the best possible prices and great convenience. The limited-time period sales model, which is a unique concept, is what sets Tjori apart from other e-commerce platforms.


Mansi Gupta faced various challenges during the early days of Tjori. One of the most significant challenges she encountered was starting up in India. The traditional value chain of the handicraft industry made it expensive for the customers to buy handcrafted products. She realized that there was a huge demand for handcrafted Indian products in North America. But to reach customers directly was a challenge. Another challenge that she faced was dealing with the technology, logistics, and supply chain. In the beginning, Tjori had limited investment and fewer people to work with, which made it difficult for her to manage everything alone. The brand received an overwhelming response from the customers, which led to the need for scaling up the business. However, due to a lack of resources and manpower, it was difficult to manage the growth. But with the support of her partner, Ankit, who not only advised but also invested in the brand, Mansi was able to overcome these challenges and lead Tjori to success. Despite the challenges, she remained focused on the aim of the brand, which helped her to overcome the struggles and achieve her goals.

Check out Mansi Gupta’s interview

Mansi Gupta as an inspiration

Mansi Gupta is a true inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly women in India. Her journey with Tjori, an online handmade accessories brand, is a testament to her passion, drive, and entrepreneurial spirit. Mansi’s idea of creating an online platform to showcase Indian handcrafted products to the world, which later evolved to include artisans from around the world. And it is a true example of how a small idea can lead to a successful business.

As a female CEO in India, Mansi has broken stereotypes and proved that women can lead and succeed in the business world. She believes that entrepreneurship is the greatest learning, which transforms an individual, changes their perspective, and enhances their problem-solving skills. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to thoroughly understand the industry they want to enter, put in their best effort, and have a passion for what they do.

Mansi’s success with Tjori shows that it is possible to blend work and life to achieve the desired life. Her work is driven by passion, which doesn’t make her feel like she is missing out on life. She emphasizes the importance of planning to maximize time in the day and devoting time to oneself.

Mansi believes that women can have it all, depending on their priorities and objectives in life. She stresses the importance of defining what matters most and then planning and executing accordingly. As for the state of women in India, Mansi believes that there have been significant changes over the years, with women getting better opportunities and a change in mindset and attitudes. She feels that women have the capacity to make it big in life.

Mansi Gupta is a true inspiration for her entrepreneurial spirit, passion for her work, and her dedication to empowering artisans and providing customers with a unique shopping experience. Her vision for Tjori to be number one in the industry in the next five years is a testament to her unwavering dedication and commitment to success.

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