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Celebrating Young India: BACARDI Mix’r Latest Campaign

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BACARDÍ India, known for its dedication to making moments matter for consumers in India, has recently launched a localized campaign aimed at capturing the spirit of the young Indian audience. BACARDI’s #ItsAMood, this campaign marks an exciting milestone for BACARDÍ MIX’R as it delves into the diverse interests and passions of the youth in India. As one of the top five markets for Bacardi globally, India holds immense importance, and through this campaign, the brand aims to strengthen its position as one of the country’s most beloved brands. This blog will explore the intricacies of the #ItsAMood campaign, highlighting its significance in celebrating the essence of Indian youth.

Understanding The BACARDI Mix’r #ItsAMood Campaign

The #ItsAMood campaign is an embodiment of the values and aspirations of today’s generation. It revolves around the shared love for travel, music, food, dance, and everything aesthetic. BACARDÍ encourages consumers to embrace what moves them, connecting with them on a deeper emotional level. The campaign emphasizes that any experience, whether it stirs you emotionally, physically, or mentally, deserves to be celebrated. It also empowers individuals to find their own unique path and celebrates their journeys.

BACARDI Mix’r #ItsAMood: The Film

At the heart of the campaign is a captivating brand film that exudes liberation and showcases how today’s generation forges social connections in distinct ways. The film is accompanied by the infectious rhythms of the Latin classic ‘Magalenha,’ intertwined with Bansuri undertones. It features a group of youngsters immersed in their passions, united by their love for travel, music, food, dance, and the pursuit of aesthetic experiences. From dancing till sunrise on sandy beaches to experiencing unbridled joy while savoring street food, the film encapsulates the essence of the campaign’s message: “If it moves you, it’s a mood.” Further, this resonates deeply with the audience, touching their emotions and inspiring them to embrace life’s diverse moments.

The Vision Behind the Campaign

Ciaran Bonass, ECD at Virtue Worldwide, the agency behind the campaign, emphasizes the celebration of diversity and self-expression. The campaign acknowledges the evolving definition of fun for the next generation and invites them to let go and be their true selves. It encourages young Indians to embrace individualism and experience the power of self-expression without judgment. This powerful message aligns perfectly with the aspirations of today’s youth, inspiring them to celebrate the everyday moods that make life worth living.

Sameeksha Uniyal’s Comment

Commenting on the launch of the #ItsAMood campaign, Sameeksha Uniyal, brand lead, brand BACARDÍ, India & SEA, stated, “At BACARDÍ, our consumers are at the heart and soul of everything we do. Encouraging consumers to do what moves them, we are extremely excited to launch our first-ever campaign #ItsAMood, produced in India, for India. Over the past two decades, global insights and platforms have guided our efforts and have helped lay a strong foundation for our journey in India. But as our consumers evolve, we have shifted our strategy towards a more localized approach, with an aim to unlock a new world of BACARDÍ MIX’R in a relatable way.”

Sameeksha Uniyal’s comment highlights the consumer-centric approach of BACARDÍ. The brand acknowledges the evolving preferences of its consumers and strives to create a campaign that resonates deeply with the Indian audience. By adopting a more localized approach, BACARDÍ aims to unlock a relatable world of BACARDÍ MIX’R, ensuring that the campaign reflects the aspirations and passions of the youth in India.

A Comprehensive Approach

So, to connect with the new generation through their preferred platforms, BACARDÍ MIX’R has adopted a 360-degree fully integrated approach for the #ItsAMood campaign. This approach spans across digital, social media, cinema, television, and experiential channels, ensuring widespread reach and engagement. Additionally, by leveraging existing IPs like BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender and CASA BACARDÍ, along with new experientials, BACARDÍ MIX’R aims to create a space that celebrates creativity, community, and culture, catering to diverse interests and providing something for everyone.

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So, BACARDI’s #ItsAMood campaign celebrates the pulsating energy and diverse passions of Indian youth. It represents a shift towards a more localized approach, catering to the evolving preferences of consumers. By empowering individuals to embrace what moves them, the campaign creates an emotional connection, inviting the audience to celebrate unique moments in their lives. The captivating brand film, complemented by Sameeksha Uniyal’s comment, further solidifies BACARDÍ’s commitment to the Indian audience. Through the #ItsAMood campaign, BACARDÍ MIX’R aims to create a space that nurtures creativity, fosters a sense of community, and celebrates the vibrant culture of India’s youth.


Client: Bacardi Mix’r

Agency: Virtue Worldwide

Director: Aakash Bhatia

Production House: Loudmouth Films

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