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Disha Patani Joins Forces with Nutrabox as Brand Ambassador

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NutraBox, the D2C sports nutrition brand, proudly presents actress Disha Patani as their brand ambassador. Through a perfect fusion of fitness and nutrition, the actor will promote health and wellness, inspiring individuals to make informed choices for their well-being. With the tagline #PehchaanKaamSeHotiHai, she embodies strength and independence, encouraging the importance of making the right choices in life and prioritizing one’s daily workout supplement.

Disha Patani X Nutrabox

NutraBox, the D2C sports nutrition brand, has unveiled an exciting collaboration with actress Disha Patani, who has been appointed as its brand ambassador. As part of this partnership, a captivating digital campaign titled ‘Pehchaan Kaam Se Hoti Hai’ has been launched. The TVCs embody the tagline, showcasing Disha Patani as a strong and independent woman who consistently makes the right choices, whether it’s in life or selecting her daily workout supplement.

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The actor’s unwavering dedication to achieving her goals reflects her commitment to maintaining optimal health. With her vast and loyal fanbase, NutraBox aims to leverage her influence to promote the value of a healthy lifestyle. Through this collaboration, NutraBox hopes to inspire and educate individuals on the significance of making informed choices for their overall well-being.


What Do Experts Have To Say About This Collaboration?

Disha Patani

Talking about her association, Brand Ambassador Disha Patani shares, “I’m excited to be a part of the Nutrabox family. Working out every day and maintaining a fit lifestyle has been my passion. While our schedule keeps us busy and occupied a regular work-out regime coupled with a right intake of protein is what will make us achieve our goals”

Nihar Desai, Founder Nutrabox added, “We are pleased to announce Fitness Icon Disha Patani as the brand ambassador, which will help with brand recognition. Product adulteration is huge problem in this industry so we have developed this strategy of selling Nutrabox products on nutrabox app & official website only. Our customers are rest assured they get genuine supplements when bought directly. Currently we are abstaining from selling on any other marketplaces to combat dupes. We sell exclusively on Nutrabox mobile app & website to maintain product authenticity & we will continue to do so to protect our customer”

Nihar Desai
Anand Oberoi

Speaking on the TV Campaign & roping in Disha Patani, Mr. Anand Oberoi Ad film Director & MD, Oberoi IBC India Pvt Ltd said “Disha Patani is a perfect fit for Nutrabox due to her popularity and appeal among the target audience that can help create a positive impact on the brand’s visibility, enhance brand recognition and reach. Given her dedication to fitness and her youthful image, she can effectively promote the brand’s products and values”.

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NutraBox Engages Flagship Products In This New Collaboration

Fueling the partnership, the sports nutrition brand will showcase its flagship products, including the versatile NutraBox 100% Whey Protein Powder available in 15 delicious flavors. Additionally, customers can choose from the refreshing Ripped BCAA hydration range with six tangy flavors, the NutraBox Ripped 100% Whey Isolate, 100% Pure Raw Whey Protein Powder, vegan protein options, amino acids, pre-workouts, vitamins, and more. With a wide range of offerings, NutraBox and Disha Patani aim to empower individuals in achieving their health and fitness goals.


In conclusion, the collaboration between NutraBox and Disha Patani marks an exciting chapter in the world of sports nutrition. With Disha Patani as the brand ambassador, the digital campaign “Pehchaan Kaam Se Hoti Hai” embodies the essence of making the right choices for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. NutraBox’s flagship products, including the NutraBox 100% Whey Protein Powder and Ripped BCAA range, provide individuals with a diverse range of options to support their fitness journeys. Through this partnership, NutraBox and Disha Patani aspire to inspire and educate people about the importance of well-informed choices and the value of a healthy lifestyle. Together, they aim to empower individuals in achieving their health and wellness goals, making every step towards a better and stronger version of themselves.

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