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DS Group Celebrates Women in Agriculture with #SaluteTheFarmHER Campaign

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In a powerful move to recognize the often overlooked contribution of female farmers in India, the Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group), a multi-business corporation and FMCG conglomerate, has launched a compelling video campaign under the banner of #SaluteTheFarmHER. The campaign, scripted by Grapes and brought to life by The Titus Upputuru Company, is a poignant tribute to the invaluable role played by women in agriculture.

DS Group Honoring Female Farmers on National Farmers’ Day

The campaign, unveiled on National Farmers’ Day, builds upon the foundation laid by the #SaluteTheFarmHER initiative, originally launched on International Women’s Day. With a focus on addressing the significant under-representation of female farmers, DS Group’s latest film sheds light on the exceptional work and experiences of these women who form a crucial part of the agricultural landscape in India.

Challenging Stereotypes Through Thoughtful Storytelling

The film opens with scenes of men engaged in various farming activities, providing a seemingly conventional portrayal of agricultural work. However, a thought-provoking twist unfolds as the narrative progresses. While men are depicted working with equipment, the film ingeniously portrays the machinery seemingly operating on its own, subtly emphasizing the absence of visible female farmers. This creative choice serves as a powerful metaphor, setting the stage for the core message of the campaign.

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Reclaiming Recognition: The Real Female Farmers Step In

As the story unfolds, the film tactfully integrates hard-hitting statistics about female participation in Indian agriculture, gradually revealing the real female farmers who step into the frames. This cinematic revelation aims to reclaim the deserved recognition for these women who actively contribute to agriculture, challenging stereotypes and reshaping the narrative around their roles in the sector.

Rajeev Jain on DS Group’s Commitment

Commenting on the initiative, Rajeev Jain, senior vice president, corporate marketing at DS Group, expressed the company’s commitment to raising awareness and fostering inclusivity within the agricultural sector. He stated, “As the nation celebrates the diligence and resilience of farmers on National Farmers Day, DS Group continues its commitment to raising awareness and fostering inclusivity within the agricultural sector. The #SaluteTheFarmHER initiative strives to showcase the diverse roles and expertise of women in farming, challenge stereotypes, and portray an accurate representation of their vital role in the agricultural sector.”

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Conclusion: A Step Towards Inclusivity

DS Group’s #SaluteTheFarmHER campaign is more than a mere tribute; it is a call to action, urging society to acknowledge and appreciate the indispensable contribution of female farmers. By challenging stereotypes and highlighting the often unseen efforts of women in agriculture, DS Group takes a significant step towards fostering inclusivity and reshaping perceptions in the agricultural sector. As the campaign continues to gain momentum, it serves as a beacon, inspiring others to recognize and celebrate the FarmHERs who play a vital role in shaping the agricultural landscape of India.

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