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EcoSoul launches “Bharat Ki Parties Ka Naya Partner” to Make Every Party Eco-Friendly

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EcoSoul, a leading eco-friendly home essentials brand, has launched a groundbreaking campaign, “Bharat Ki Parties Ka Naya Partner,” aiming to revolutionize the way we celebrate festivities. At the forefront of this movement is EcoSoul’s disposable party pack, designed to make parties not only hassle-free but also environmentally conscious.

EcoSoul: Sustainable Revelry

EcoSoul’s commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in its party pack, crafted with planet-safe materials that can be composted, leaving no environmental footprint. Dr. Rahul Singh, the Co-Founder of EcoSoul, said, “At EcoSoul, we believe that sustainable living should extend to every aspect of our lives, including celebrations. Our disposable party pack not only enhances your party experience but also aligns with our commitment to a greener and cleaner planet. Let’s celebrate responsibly and make every party an eco-friendly affair.”

A Break for Household Help

EcoSoul’s campaign extends beyond environmental benefits by spotlighting the “Maid ki bhi Party.” By choosing EcoSoul’s Party pack, hosts can not only contribute to a planet-safe celebration but also eliminate the need for post-party dishwashing. This gives household help a well-deserved break, making the entire process more convenient and considerate.

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Why EcoSoul?

  • Hassle-Free Celebrations: Streamline your party planning with EcoSoul’s disposable party pack.
  • Planet-Safe Products: Choose party items that can be composted, leaving behind no waste.
  • Convenient Cleanup: Say goodbye to post-party dishwashing, giving you more time to enjoy the festivities.


EcoSoul’s “Bharat Ki Parties Ka Naya Partner” campaign urges everyone to celebrate responsibly by adopting an eco-friendly approach to parties. With the disposable party pack, not only can you enhance your party experience, but you can also contribute to a sustainable and cleaner planet. Make every celebration memorable and environmentally conscious with EcoSoul – the ultimate partner for eco-friendly parties.

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