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Finolex Cables Launches ‘No Stress. Finolex.’ Campaign with Kiara Advani

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Finolex Cables, a pioneering name in the realm of electrical and communication cables in India, is making significant strides in addressing the demands of the fast-paced and dynamic landscape of modern living. In its latest campaign—’No Stress. Finolex.’—the spotlight shines brightly on the brand’s innovative Smart Switches, Irons, and Switchgear range. This marks a pivotal move towards not just meeting but surpassing the expectations of consumers who prioritize convenience and safety in their daily lives.

Finolex Cables campaign ft. Kiara Advani

The campaign unfolds with the charismatic Bollywood star Kiara Advani, whose vivacious interactions with her maid and the charming Lhasa Apso ‘Joey’ add a touch of glamour to the utility-driven narrative. Leveraging the influence of celebrity endorsers, the campaign extends beyond traditional mediums to tap into the power of social media. Through three engaging TVCs, Finolex endeavors to demonstrate how their products can simplify daily routines while prioritizing user safety and convenience.

Comprehensive Outreach Across Media Platforms

True to its commitment to a diverse audience, Finolex’s comprehensive campaign spans across multiple media platforms, ensuring a robust brand presence. The campaign will be broadcast on television, radio, digital platforms, and out-of-home channels. The TV commercials will be strategically placed on General Entertainment Channels, News Channels, Regional Channels, and key social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Amit Mathur’s views

“With this campaign, we are excited to showcase our new Smart Switches, Irons, and Switchgear range through an engaging and comprehensive approach. Our smart switches enable the consumer to operate the switch using a remote, through virtual assistants or by using the touch panel manually.” said Amit Mathur, president, sales & marketing, Finolex Cables.

He went on to remark “Our aim with these captivating TVCs is to showcase how our products seamlessly integrate into contemporary lifestyles, offering not just functionality but a hassle-free experience. Continuing with Kiara Advani, as the face of our brand is a delight.”

‘No Stress. Finolex.’ : Captivating TVCs of Finolex Cables

The captivating TVCs, featuring Kiara Advani, serve as a visual delight while effectively conveying the brand message. These commercials are not just about showcasing products; they are a narrative that highlights how Finolex products effortlessly integrate into the fabric of modern living. The aim is to resonate strongly with the target audience, emphasizing the convenience, safety, and ease that Finolex products bring to consumers’ lives.

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Conclusion: A Smart Move Towards a Stress-Free Life

Finolex Cables’ ‘No Stress. Finolex’ campaign marks a strategic move towards making smart living a reality for consumers. Through a mix of celebrity influence, engaging narratives, and a comprehensive media outreach, the brand aims to carve a niche in the hearts and homes of consumers. As we step into an era where technology seamlessly integrates with our daily lives, Finolex Cables ensures that their products not only keep pace but also enhance the overall quality of life for their users. In the hustle and bustle of modern existence, Finolex Cables invites consumers to embrace ‘No Stress’ and usher in a new era of convenience, safety, and ease.

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