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Flavour Fusion of Coke Zero: Tiger Shroff & Influencers

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In the world of marketing, creating a buzz around a product is key to its success. One effective strategy to achieve this is by leveraging the popularity and influence of renowned celebrities and influencers. Coke Zero, the beloved zero-calorie beverage, has taken this approach to new heights with its recent collaboration featuring Bollywood sensation Tiger Shroff. Through a captivating social media campaign on Instagram, Coke Zero has successfully amplified its reach and engagement by involving some of India’s top influencers, creating a unique flavour fusion that has captivated audiences across the nation.

Coke Zero Utilizes The Power of Influencers

The impact of influencers in the modern era cannot be overstated. With their large and dedicated followings, influencers have the ability to sway consumer opinions and create trends. Recognizing the immense popularity of the Coke Zero television commercial (TVC) featuring Tiger Shroff, the brand’s marketing team decided to enhance the connection between the actor and the beverage by enlisting the support of renowned influencers. This strategic move aimed to further solidify Coke Zero’s association with popular celebrities and reinforce its refreshing and invigorating qualities in the minds of consumers.

Instagram: The Stage for a Captivating Campaign

The brand chose Instagram as the primary platform for its engaging social media campaign. The campaign encompasses a series of posts, stories, and videos, where selected influencers showcase their personal experiences with Coke Zero and its invigorating taste. So, by utilizing Instagram’s visually-oriented and interactive features, the brand effectively captures the attention of its target audience and allows them to experience the brand in a fun and relatable way.

Coke Zero: A Stellar Lineup of Influencers

The campaign carefully handpicked some of the hottest names in the Indian influencer space to feature in this exciting collaboration. Each influencer brings their unique style and personality to their videos, effectively amplifying the message of Coke Zero and resonating with their followers. From Abish Mathew’s witty banter to RJ Malishka’s infectious charm, and the humor of RJ Mahvash and RJ Naved, these influencers create an engaging and relatable narrative around Coke Zero. Additionally, their immense following and connection with their audience make them the perfect fit to spread the word about the beverage and generate excitement among consumers.

Flavour Fusion of Coke Zero: Tiger Shroff & Influencers

The reels of the social media campaign featuring the talented actor Tiger Shroff enjoying Coke Zero, accompanied by the voiceover of the influencers in a quirky manner on Tiger’s behalf. This fusion of Tiger’s star power with the unique perspectives and charisma of the influencers creates a dynamic and captivating combination. The influencers effectively highlight the enjoyment and satisfaction that can be derived from consuming the drink, further reinforcing the brand’s association with popular celebrities and enhancing the beverage’s overall appeal.

Creating a Buzz and Amplifying the Brand

Coke Zero’s social media campaign aims to create a significant buzz around the product by leveraging the popularity and influence of renowned celebrities and influencers. Through the involvement of these influential figures, the brand emphasizes the delicious taste, high quality, and the ability of Coke Zero to bring joy and refreshment into people’s lives. So, by aligning the product with relatable personalities and creating engaging content on Instagram, the brand successfully amplifies its reach and connects with consumers on a deeper level.


The flavour fusion of Coke Zero with Tiger Shroff and a lineup of renowned influencers has undoubtedly created a buzz around the brand. Through a captivating social media campaign on Instagram, Coke Zero effectively showcases the beverage’s refreshing taste and invigorating qualities. By leveraging the immense popularity and influence of celebrities and influencers, Coke Zero has succeeded in creating a powerful connection with its target audience, further solidifying its position as a beloved zero-calorie beverage. As consumers continue to be captivated by this exciting collaboration, Coke Zero’s popularity is set to soar to new heights.

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