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FujiFilm India is Bringing Innovation to Business

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In the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation, FujiFilm India has made its mark with the recent launch of its A3 office printing devices. Conceptualized by Hakuhodo Sync, the accompanying ad campaign serves as a powerful narrative, shedding light on how FujiFilm’s multifunction printers are set to make a significant impact across various sectors in Indian society.

A Vision Unveiled: FujiFilm’s Entry into India

On September 27, 2023, FujiFilm India proudly announced its foray into the Indian market, introducing a comprehensive portfolio of A3 office printing devices. The initiative is not merely a product launch but a manifestation of FujiFilm’s commitment to innovation and its mission to transform pixels into perfection.

FujiFilm India Campaign

The heart of FujiFilm’s ad campaign lies in its storytelling. Through four distinct narratives, the campaign brings to life the experiences of a government official, a corporate professional, a small and medium-sized business owner, and a member of the printing industry. These individuals, hailing from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, represent the diverse fabric of India, underlining the regional integrity of the initiative.

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A Cinematic Journey of FujiFilm India campaign

Directed by Ranvir Kumar Suman, the ad was skillfully shot in two days at renowned studios such as Big 9 by 9 Wings Studio in Andheri, Mother Nature Studio in Madh Island, and a local photocopy shop in Malad. The use of Fujifilm’s Fujinon Permista cine lenses adds a cinematic touch to the visual storytelling, emphasizing the brand’s dedication to its craft.

The Soundtrack of Progress- Badhega India

Accentuating the visuals is the empowering soundtrack, “Badhega India,” composed by Abhinav Kaushik and penned by Ram Krishna Gopi Yadav. Produced by Seaface Film, the music encapsulates the essence of FujiFilm’s mission — turning dreams into reality and empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential.

Koji Wada Speaks

Commenting on the launch, Koji Wada, managing director, Fujifilm India, said, “Driven by innovation, at Fujifilm India, we believe in a world where technology has the power to turn dreams into a reality, thus empowering individuals and businesses to achieve their full potential aptly encapsulated by our ad campaign. Our commitment to cutting-edge solutions is at the heart of our mission, to transform pixels into perfection.”

Priyatosh Kumar’s Perspective

Priyatosh Kumar, head graphic communications and device technology, Fujifilm India, added, “The ad campaign provides strong assertions and trust by all protagonists towards Fujifilm multifunction printers, creating a lasting impact on viewers. The story has beautifully captured the potential of the product in each montage thus standing true to our tagline “Bringing innovation to your Business.”

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The campaign is Live on Social Media

The ad campaign is now live on FujiFilm India’s official YouTube page and various social media handles. As the campaign unfolds, it leaves an indelible mark on the viewers, showcasing how FujiFilm is poised to bring innovation to businesses across the nation.


In conclusion, FujiFilm India’s entry and the accompanying ad campaign are not just about printers; they represent a vision, a commitment to progress, and a dedication to empowering every facet of Indian society through technology and innovation.


  • Conceptualization: Hakuhodo Sync
  • Direction: Ranvir Kumar Suman
  • Music Composition: Abhinav Kaushik
  • Lyrics: Ram Krishna Gopi Yadav
  • Production: Seaface Film

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