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FUJIFILM Latest Ad Features Sonali Bendre’s Key Message on Early Breast Cancer Detection

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Fujifilm India launches an inspirational brand campaign, emphasizing the importance of early detection and prompt diagnosis in the battle against Breast Cancer. The campaign titled “Let’s Find It Early. Fight It Early” stars the renowned film actress Sonali Bendre, a living testament to cancer resilience.

What Is Sonali Bendre’s Message on Early Breast Cancer Detection?

Sonali Bendre’s message on Early Breast Cancer Detection is a powerful call to action. In the 2-minute ad film created by Hakuhodo Sync Private Limited, the story unfolds, showcasing women from diverse backgrounds grappling with their inhibitions to openly discuss their health concerns. Breast cancer is often surrounded by a stigma that discourages open discussions, and unfortunately, some women may mistakenly believe that effective treatments for this disease are unavailable.

As per the Globocan data 2020, in India, Breast Cancer accounted for 13.5% (178361) of all cancer cases and 10.6% (90408) of all deaths. These statistics underscore the urgency of raising awareness about early detection and timely diagnosis. The ad campaign goes beyond breaking the stigma; it also highlights Fujifilm’s cutting-edge mammography solutions, which play a pivotal role in early breast cancer detection.

Through a series of emotional montages, the film takes viewers on a rollercoaster of feelings, ultimately instilling hope and urging women to be proactive about their health. It underscores the critical significance of early detection and timely diagnosis. The narration skillfully encapsulates Sonali Bendre’s extraordinary journey of unwavering strength and resilience, making her a compelling advocate in the fight against cancer. Her story aligns seamlessly with FUJIFILM India’s mission to promote well-being and empower individuals to confront and overcome life’s challenges. This ad film serves as a testament to the importance of open dialogue, early detection, and proactive healthcare for all.

What Do Experts Have To Say About This Campaign ?

FUJIFILM Latest Ad Features Sonali Bendre's Key Message on Early Breast Cancer Detection
Sonali Bendre

Expressing her views on the film, Sonali Bendre says, “It’s a simple message, early detection can save lives.  This film beautifully encapsulates how early detection can play a crucial part in winning the battle against breast cancer. Together with FUJIFILM India, I am advocating for early detection, empowering women to step forward confidently and undergo timely screenings. Let’s Find it Early. Fight It Early.” 

Speaking on the remarkable ad film, . Koji Wada, Managing Director of FUJIFILM India, averred, “We take immense pride in creating and releasing this ad film featuring our esteemed brand ambassador for breast cancer screening advocacy, Sonali Bendre. Her remarkable battle against cancer has ignited hope among numerous cancer survivors. Our dedication lies in providing state-of-the-art technological solutions and advanced medical devices to facilitate early screening and diagnosis.

FUJIFILM Latest Ad Features Sonali Bendre's Key Message on Early Breast Cancer Detection


Sonali Bendre’s compelling message on Early Breast Cancer Detection, featured in a poignant 2-minute ad film by Hakuhodo Sync Private Limited, addresses the pervasive stigma and misconceptions surrounding breast cancer. This powerful campaign comes at a crucial time when India faces significant breast cancer cases and deaths, highlighting the urgent need for awareness and early detection.

The ad not only breaks down barriers by inspiring open dialogue but also emphasizes Fujifilm’s advanced mammography solutions, pivotal in the early detection of breast cancer. Through emotional storytelling and Sonali Bendre’s own journey of resilience, the campaign not only promotes early diagnosis but also aligns with FUJIFILM India’s mission to empower individuals to confront life’s challenges. It serves as a compelling call to action, urging women to prioritize their health and envision a future where breast cancer is detected early, effectively treated, and lives are saved.

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