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GujjuBen Promotes McDonald’s Jain Menu In New Campaign

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McDonald’s India has taken a commendable step towards promoting inclusivity in its menu offerings by introducing a Jain-friendly menu. To further highlight this initiative, the fast-food giant has partnered with the beloved ‘GujjuBen,’ also known as ‘Baa’ from MasterChef India Season 7. This collaboration aims to spread awareness about the Jain menu and its preparation, showcasing McDonald’s commitment to equality in food through its larger brand purpose, ‘EatQual.’

Meet ‘Baa’ Aka ‘GujjuBen’


If you’re a fan of MasterChef India, you’re likely familiar with the talented and charismatic ‘Baa’. She won hearts during her journey on the show with her extraordinary culinary skills and creative recipes. Since then, she has continued to captivate audiences through her successful YouTube cooking channel. Her expertise in the kitchen makes her the perfect ambassador for the brand’s Jain menu.

McDonald’s Jain Menu

McDonald’s India has always strived to cater to diverse palates and dietary preferences. Earlier this year, the brand introduced a Jain-friendly menu, specifically tailored for individuals following Jainism. This menu eliminates ingredients like onions and garlic, which are generally avoided by Jains. By offering a separate menu, McDonald’s ensures that individuals adhering to Jain dietary principles can enjoy their favorite fast-food without compromising their beliefs.

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McDonald’s Jain Menu Campaign

In their latest campaign, McDonald’s has teamed up with ‘Baa’ and Swarup Solgaonkar, McDonald’s India’s corporate chef, to showcase the preparation of their Jain menu. The campaign beautifully captures ‘Baa’ and Chef Solgaonkar preparing mouthwatering burgers, giving viewers an inside look into the process of creating these Jain-friendly delights. The collaboration aims to educate the masses about the thoughtfulness and care that goes into this Jain menu.

Promoting Equality In Food

McDonald’s Jain-friendly menu and the ‘EatQual’ brand purpose go hand in hand. ‘EatQual’ represents McDonald’s commitment to creating equality in food, ensuring that everyone can savor their meals without limitations or restrictions. By embracing diversity and catering to specific dietary needs, McDonald’s promotes inclusivity within the fast-food industry.

Pilgrim-Focused Outlets

In addition to the new menu, McDonald’s India has taken an extra step to cater to pilgrims visiting the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi. Two 100% vegetarian outlets have been established along the new track – Tarakote Marg and Ardhkuwari in Jammu. These outlets are free from onions and garlic. And they serve as a convenient option for those observing religious dietary restrictions while embarking on their spiritual journey.

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McDonald’s India’s collaboration with ‘GujjuBen’ aka ‘Baa’ from MasterChef India to promote their Jain menu is a commendable move towards inclusivity. By introducing a dedicated menu for Jains and showcasing its preparation, McDonald’s exemplifies its commitment to equality in food. Through the ‘EatQual’ brand purpose, the fast-food giant continues to embrace diversity and cater to the unique dietary needs of its customers. Let’s applaud McDonald’s for taking this step and encouraging others in the food industry to follow suit in promoting inclusivity.

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