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Himalaya’s #BeautyHasNoColor Campaign Sparks Controversy for Exclusion of Darker Skin Tones

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Himalaya, a wellness brand, recently found itself in hot water over its latest ad campaign for a face wash product. The advertisement #BeautyHasNoColor, which was meant to promote the idea of “beauty has no color,” drew criticism from netizens for not featuring dark-skinned women in the ad. Moreover, the product being sold for “natural glow” is being accused of repackaging the same old fairness product, which has long been advertised in India as the epitome of beauty.

For years, fairness product advertisements in India have portrayed white or fair skin as the ideal, perpetuating colorism in a country where the majority of the population has darker skin tones. However, in recent times, there has been a shift in the advertising industry towards embracing beauty, regardless of skin tone. While this is a positive development, it seems that Himalaya missed the mark with its latest #BeautyHasNoColor campaign.

The controversy erupted on Twitter, where users pointed out the lack of representation of darker skin tones in the ad. They also criticized the repeated use of skin color as a marketing tool, arguing that beauty should not be equated with fairness. 

Here’s what the users have commented on the #BeautyHasNoColor advertisement:

This controversy highlights the need for brands to be more mindful of their advertising practices and the messages they are sending out to consumers. While the advertising industry in India has come a long way in terms of promoting diversity and inclusivity, there is still a long way to go. It is important for brands to recognize the responsibility they have in shaping societal attitudes towards beauty and to take steps to promote a more inclusive definition of beauty.

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