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How Brands Are Using Anamorphic OOH Advertising to Go Viral

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Anamorphic out-of-home (OOH) advertising is emerging as a creative and eye-catching way for brands to promote themselves in public spaces. This innovative form of advertising uses 3D objects and visual illusions to bring static ads to life. When viewed from specific vantage points, the 3D objects appear to jump out of the screen or move around, creating an immersive experience for audiences.

In recent times, a growing number of brands across categories have leveraged anamorphic OOH to generate buzz and increase their visibility. The creative format allows brands to truly stand out from the clutter of traditional advertising and capture the imagination of onlookers. This blog post explores how brands are using anamorphic OOH to go viral and make a splash.

What is Anamorphic OOH Advertising?

Anamorphic OOH advertising utilizes 3D design elements that seem to protrude from the screen when viewed from a particular angle. The ads are carefully planned and designed to consider the location, viewing angle, distance, and other factors. The goal is to create an optical illusion that brings the static ad to life in an exciting way.

Unlike regular digital OOH ads that play 2D content on screens, anamorphic OOH integrates physical props and 3D animations to provide an immersive experience. For instance, a fashion ad may use mannequins that appear to walk out of the screen. Or a travel ad could show an airplane taking off from the billboard. The possibilities are endless.

Skilled designers use forced perspective techniques to develop ads with 3D depth and ultra-realistic animations. The entire production process from storyboarding to 3D modeling requires advanced expertise and longer lead times. But the end result is an eye-catching ad that captures attention like no other.

What Makes Anamorphic OOH Impactful?

There are several reasons why anamorphic OOH can be an impactful advertising technique:

  • Novelty factor: The 3D animations are still quite novel, sparking curiosity and making audiences stop to watch the ad unfold. This builds brand awareness.
  • Virality: The unique ads are tailor-made to go viral on social media as people share photos and videos. This generates organic reach.
  • Immersive experience: Viewers feel like they are part of the ad, rather than passive observers. This drives better engagement and recall.
  • Standing out: In the crowded OOH space, anamorphic ads are guaranteed to grab eyeballs and help brands stand out.
  • Flexibility: The ad content can be adapted to various locations like malls, transit hubs, billboards, etc.
  • Experiential marketing: Brands can use anamorphic OOH for experiential campaigns, product launches or other events.

In short, the advertising technique ticks all the right boxes when it comes to captivating audiences. The novel format helps brands make a splash amidst the advertising noise.

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Notable Examples of Anamorphic OOH Advertising

An increasing array of brands have incorporated anamorphic 3D elements into their OOH campaigns. Here are some prominent examples:

1. Fighter Jet for Hrithik Roshan’s Fighter Movie

To promote Hrithik Roshan’s action movie Fighter, Khushi Advertising did Anamorphic OOH Advertising. The team installed a 10×10 feet billboard in Mumbai showing a giant 3D fighter jet. The jet appeared to blast out of the screen in a dramatic fashion with engine thrusts and smoke. This larger-than-life execution created plenty of buzz online.

2. Continental Coffee’s 3D Coffee Billboard

Coffee brand Continental Coffee collaborated with Platinum Outdoor and unveiled a 3D anamorphic billboard in Bangalore showing an oversized coffee cup tilting forward. The realistic smoke effects made it look like the cup was about to pour piping hot coffee. This striking visual helped the brand connect with coffee lovers.

3. Lenovo-F1 OOH Campaign

Lenovo sponsored the Formula One racing event in India. Their anamorphic OOH campaign recreated a race track on billboards with 3D F1 cars zipping across. The dynamic visuals targeted tech enthusiasts who are also racing fans.

How Brands Are Using Anamorphic OOH Advertising to Go Viral

Check out the 3D Anamorphic Installation of the Lenovo-F1 campaign

4. Greenply & Senco Gold and Diamonds

Plywood brand Greenply & Senco Gold and Diamonds collaborated with Signpost India unveiling Kolkata’s first OOH 3D anamorphic display during Durga Puja celebrations

5. Platinum Love Bands’ Anamorphic OOH

Platinum Love Bands, known for being the ultimate symbol of modern love, has also introduced an anamorphic OOH campaign on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

6. Piramal Realty’s Anamorphic-3d Billboard

Piramal Realty has deployed an eye-catching 3D anamorphic billboard campaign to promote the launch of Vana, its new residential project at Piramal Revanta in Mumbai. This campaign is crafted by Ideacafe.

7. Pringles- “Once You Pop, the Fun Don’t Stop!” campaign

Pringles crafted anamorphic 3D billboards in this campaign where giant, 3D Pringles were popping out of cans.

Key Considerations for Anamorphic OOH

While anamorphic OOH advertising offers immense creative potential, there are some key factors brands should consider:

  • The production costs tend to be higher due to the need for 3D modeling, multiple design iterations, and special OOH screens.
  • More lead time is required – at least 3-4 weeks – compared to traditional OOH production.
  • The ads work best in locations where audiences have longer dwell times to observe the 3D dynamics like malls, transit stations, etc.
  • The site location should offer optimal viewing angles and distance for the 3D effects to pop out seamlessly.
  • The limited availability of 3D modeling experts can make production more time-intensive.
  • Permissions may be needed for larger installations in public spaces.

By carefully assessing these factors, brands can create impactful anamorphic OOH ads that justify the higher investment. The ideal locations and strategic use of 3D can deliver outstanding results.

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The Future of Anamorphic OOH

While anamorphic OOH advertising is still in its infancy in India, it offers tremendous potential for brands to explore. As the costs start to reduce with more players entering the field, we are likely to see the format become more mainstream. Advertisers will leverage tech advances to create even more immersive 3D experiences on the street.

Here are some possibilities as the space evolves:

  • Wider use of augmented reality to blend digital effects with real objects seamlessly
  • Incorporation of responsive sensors that can adapt the visuals based on audience interactions
  • Expansion to smaller towns and cities as production costs reduce
  • Moving beyond ads to using anamorphic tech for experiential marketing like product launches, music concerts, etc.
  • Adoption across more brand categories like FMCG, automobiles, e-commerce etc.
  • Anamorphic 3D for promotions during major events like sports championships, movie releases, and festive seasons


As anamorphic OOH comes of age in India, advertisers have an exciting new medium to engage audiences in an impactful manner. The visually stunning ads are sure to stop traffic and steal the limelight for brands amidst the advertising chatter. Anamorphic 3D allows marketers to truly flex their creativity muscles. We can certainly expect more showstopping OOH spectacles in the times ahead.

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