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IKEA India Launched A Festive Campaign With A Musical Twist

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As the festive season approaches, IKEA India is ushering in the celebratory spirit with a unique and musical twist in its latest advertising campaign. Conceptualized by Leo Burnett, this campaign, titled “All Things Festive,” not only showcases IKEA’s innovative products but also aims to inspire a different perspective on festive decor – one that aligns with sustainability and the idea that “A little IKEA makes everything new.”

In a world where many ads push us to buy lots of things, IKEA India has chosen to take a refreshing approach. Instead of emphasizing excessive purchases, the campaign encourages consumers to make thoughtful and sustainable additions to their homes.

IKEA India Campaign:”A little IKEA Makes Everything New.” 

At the heart of the campaign are two IKEA products: the PERSBOL chair and the INGATORP table. These pieces of furniture seamlessly blend with the festive decor commonly found in Indian households during the holiday season. The catchy lyrics of the ad, titled “We Feel New,” playfully personify the existing home elements, capturing their reactions as they groove to the music. This unique concept breathes new life into the living space, infusing it with freshness and vibrancy.

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Pravin sutar’s perspective

Pravin Sutar, head of creative, Leo Burnett added, “The build up to Diwali can be pretty overwhelming for people. All that you see brands say is” buy more, buy a lot… The more you buy, the happier you are, etc. Just buy, buy, buy!” This narrative didn’t quite fit into the IKEA scheme of things – and our vision towards sustainability. We flipped the entire festive narrative and designed a campaign that’s about buying less. “A little IKEA makes everything new”. An idea that celebrates the power of IKEA design, and how it can light up a room with less. All this while keeping a fresh way to tell the story as well.”

Anna Ohlin’s views On IKEA India’s Campaign

“At IKEA India, we aim to connect with our consumers on a deeper, meaningful level. The ‘All Things Festive’ campaign is a celebration of India’s festive spirit and highlights how little additions to a space add so much comfort, beauty and happiness. Through these unique narratives, rooted in human emotion, we intend to truly bring our brand closer to our customers”, said Anna Ohlin, country marketing manager, IKEA India, on the launch of these campaigns.

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Embracing Quality Over Quantity: IKEA’s Message of Simplicity

The campaign, which combines creativity and sustainability, will be broadcast across various digital channels. It represents IKEA’s ongoing commitment to helping consumers enhance their lives at home while reinforcing its position as an affordable brand for a wide range of people.

In a world where sustainability and responsible consumption are gaining importance, IKEA India’s campaign stands out as a breath of fresh air. It encourages consumers to rethink their approach to festive decor, emphasizing quality over quantity and demonstrating that small, thoughtful additions can have a significant impact on the ambiance of a living space. As the festive season dawns, IKEA India’s message of “A little IKEA makes everything new” offers a timely reminder of the joy and beauty that can be found in simplicity.

Conclusion: Celebrating Festive Joy With IKEA

So, IKEA India’s latest campaign captures the essence of the festive season by infusing homes with music, creativity, and sustainability. It redefines the way we approach festive decor and encourages us to embrace the beauty of minimalism. With “All Things Festive,” IKEA India not only celebrates the joy of the season, but also reminds us that even small changes can make a big difference in our living spaces.


Agency – Leo Burnett

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett, South Asia: Rajdeepak Das

Chief Executive Officer, Leo Burnett, South Asia: Dheeraj Sinha

National Creative Director – Vikram Pandey

Head of Creative: Pravin Sutar

Associate Executive Creative Director:  Jamuna Poovaiah & Sandeep Iyer

Associate Creative Director: Niharika Mishra & Srishty Kamboj

Creative Director, Regional: Uday Kumar

Art Director: Akhil Rajan

Account Management: Senior Vice President: Bhawana Choudhary

Brand Services Partner: Isha Mehta

Brand Services Director: Kritika Bhardwaj

Executive Vice President, Strategy: Mittu Torka

Brand Strategy Director: Vrudhi Doshi

Director: Kishore Iyyar

Production House – Nirvana Films

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