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KFC Snackers Campaign: Gen-Z Savior of Awkward Moments

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Whether it’s during college, in front of our crush, at job interviews, or even on a first date, awkward moments can strike when we least expect them. In those instances, all we want to do is bury our faces in our phone screens, endlessly scrolling and pretending it never happened. But fret not! KFC India has come up with a brilliant solution in their latest campaign featuring the legendary Colonel Sanders. He holds the key to escaping every sticky situation: the brand-new range of KFC Snackers. This incredible selection includes beloved menu items like the Classic Chicken Roll, Chicken Popcorn, Chicken Longer, Veg Longer, and more, all at an unbelievable price of just INR 99/-!

KFC Snackers Campaign: Colonel Sanders to the Rescue

In the new KFC Snackers campaign, Colonel Sanders steps into the lives of Gen-Z and becomes their savior in the face of awkward moments. Aparna Bhawal, CMO of KFC India & partner countries, understands the value-conscious nature of young consumers and their desire to indulge in snacks while managing expenses. The KFC Snacker range perfectly caters to this need, offering a variety of favorites at an affordable price.

Engaging Visuals and Relatable Situations:

The campaign films depict relatable and humorous situations that often leave us feeling “phas gaye” or caught off guard. Whether it’s a student dressed as a Maharaj standing at a KFC counter with courtier friends, or other scenarios that evoke that familiar cringe-worthy feeling, Colonel Sanders is there to intervene. He introduces the Snacker range to the rescue, providing not only a delicious distraction but also saving money and escaping awkward situations.

Saving Both Awkward Situations and Money:

With the KFC Snackers priced at just INR 99/-, Colonel Sanders ensures that both awkward situations and paise (money) are bach gaye (saved). The campaign cleverly blends the Indian concept of “bach gaye,” which signifies relief and savings, with the light-hearted and quirky approach of KFC’s advertisements.

Aparna Bhawal, CMO, KFC India & partner countries, said “As a brand, KFC is always tuned into what Gen-Z wants. We know this young value conscious consumer has multiple snacking occasions in a day where they want to indulge, but at the same time want to manage expenses. All our recent launches reflect this – the KFC Snacker range presents a variety of KFC favourites at an unbelievable price of INR 99! The campaign uses an engaging visual device where the OG celebrity chef, Colonel Sanders helps youngsters get out of relatable yet sticky situations and save money too! Thanks to Colonel Sanders, awkward situation and paise dono bach gaye!”

Ritu Sharda, CCO of Ogilvy India, highlights how a tray full of snacks can instantly turn a loaded discussion into a joyful distraction. She said, “In India, a tray full of snacks is always a happy distraction from a loaded discussion. It’s always a “bach gaye” moment. Going at just Rs. 99, it felt like “Bach Gaye” doubles up as a very Indian way of saying, money saved. Simple, charming, quirky. I think it’s safe for us to heave a sigh of relief and say bach gaye, because you’re going to love snacking on these short, quirky commercials.”

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Subsequent Films and the Distraction of Snackers:

The campaign’s subsequent films continue to showcase similar situations where the presence of Colonel Sanders and the tempting Snacker range break the uncomfortable silence and divert attention. The group present in each scenario finds solace in the affordable and mouth-watering Snackers, providing a much-needed escape from their oops moments.

A Comprehensive 360-Degree KFC Snackers Campaign:

The KFC Snackers campaign will reach audiences through television and digital platforms, ensuring its wide reach among Gen-Z and beyond. With a comprehensive 360-degree plan, KFC aims to engage and resonate with its target audience, offering both entertainment and the irresistible Snacker range.


KFC India’s Snackers campaign featuring Colonel Sanders brings together relatable situations and a budget-friendly snacking solution for Gen-Z. By presenting the iconic Colonel as the rescuer from awkward moments, KFC creates a unique and engaging narrative. With the Snacker range priced at just INR 99/-, it’s a win-win situation for those seeking a tasty distraction while saving money. So, the next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, remember that Colonel Sanders and his Snackers are there to save the day and let you confidently exclaim, “bach gaye”!

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