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LensKart’s new campaign featuring Karan Johar and Peyush Bansal is baking the internet.

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Bollywood Gossip box Karan Johar is renowned for making news with whatever he does. But this time KJo is making headlines for getting featured in Lenskart’s new campaign with Founder Peyush Bansal. This campaign went live with the title “The War of Fair Prices” and the concept was cherished and loved by the whole internet.

The creative brains of Tanmay Bhatt, Puneet Chadha, Devaiah Bopanna, Deep Joshi, and Vishal Dayama, with director Vasan Bala, accumulated together to create this masterpiece with two of the meme market of the generation, Gossip Bazar of Bollywood, Karan Johar and Shark tank fame and Lenskart founder, Peyush Bansal.

The ad Film is built on highlighting two main features of Karan Johar and Lenskart respectively. KJo is known for luxury shopping and expensive purchases whereas Lenskart is standardized to provide affordable specs and frames. Keeping two contradictory features in one frame was a task to execute that too with this perfection.

In the ad film, we can see how KJo is shocked to see such stylish frames at such a low- price and asks Peyush Bansal to increase the prices as it is not matching his luxury purchase expense. The ad film goes with the tagline “Ab to sab ameer log maan jao… sexy is not always expensive”. The zenith of this ad was that, unlike all other ads, the protagonist is impressed by having low prices and bumper discounts on purchases, here protagonist, Karan Johar is seen as shocked and unacceptable of such less price for luxury looking frame. Karan is seen saying to Peyush, “I can’t be seen wearing glasses under Rs 1 lakh, price thoda zada ho skta hai kya” (can the price be increased a little bit).

Tanmay Bhat and the team knew very well how to use somebody’s core personality as a twist in a campaign and make the campaign a satiric nirvana of creativity and innovation.

The motive of this campaign was to showcase Lenskart’s new collection that are providing high-quality frames at low cost. They highlighted this point in their ad film as well, which says “Factory Wale Prices mein High-Quality Eyewear”.

This campaign was loved by netizens a lot and they were surprised and shocked to see this collaboration. The whole internet went on fire with this iconic collaboration and such an amazingly witty and smart twist in the ad. Smart the brand, smarter the audience. Netizen showed their reaction to this witty campaign with even extra wittiness and creativity.

Comments were like :-

“Only Karan can fit in such a great ad with such entertaining humor, Amazed at Piyush’s brilliant role! the Shark Tank”

“Looks like Lenskart hired Cred’s ad agency,”

“Ameero ki hai lagegi was killer! Perfect pairing and perfect pitch!! I so wanna see you guys’ brainstorm when you come up with ideas like this … Must be so much fun,”

“Creativity is on the peak Sir, absolutely loved the concept”

“It’s so cool n funny Lenskart ads used to have celebs and nobody knew about the founder, but he is a celeb!”

Netizens were already floating in this insane gamma world of creativity when Lenskart dropped one more ad film featuring KJo, a day ago (10th January 2023).

This campaign was the next episode of the previous ad film where we can see KJo at a party wearing a Lenskart frame and calling Peyush to tell him that his frame was praised by everybody and now he wants to be the co-founder of Lenskart”. The whole sketch came to be a hilarious comic that carries a high potential for engagement and popularity.

Devaiah Bopanna says, Wrote this series with Tanmay Bhat, Puneet Chadha, Vishal Dayama, and Deep Joshi. Launching Peyush Bansal as a star and Karan Johar as a customer. Directed by Vasan Bala, produced by legend Shakun Batra and Jouska Films. Big thanks to Peyush Bansal and Aanchal Jain for trusting us with this fun project,”

Tanmay Bhat and the team have been the brain behind many extraordinary creative ads that have never failed to impress folks, that include campaigns like Shah Rukh Khan * Disney+ Hotstar, Shark Tank Season 2, Cred, Smallcase, and the stairs of creativity keep bridging on and on.

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