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Hype Luxury Welcomes Suniel Shetty as Brand Ambassador

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In a significant stride towards establishing Bharat’s premier global luxury mobility platform, Hype Luxury has proudly announced the inclusion of renowned actor and entrepreneur Suniel Shetty as its brand ambassador. This strategic partnership underlines Hype Luxury’s commitment to redefining opulence in the realm of mobility services.

Visionaries Behind Hype Luxury

Founded in 2017 by visionary entrepreneurs Raghav Belavadi and Vijaya Belavadi, Hype Luxury has its roots in Bengaluru and has rapidly expanded its footprint to 23 cities across Bharat. Additionally, the brand boasts an operational presence in seven other countries, solidifying its status as a global enterprise with a mission to provide unparalleled luxury experiences.

Luxury Unleashed: Land, Air, and Water

Hype Luxury distinguishes itself by offering a diverse array of premium services, including luxury cars, yachts, and private jets on a rental basis. The brand’s innovative approach allows individuals to experience opulence without the burden of ownership, presenting a more flexible consumption pattern tailored to meet the evolving preferences of today’s discerning customers.

Suniel Shetty: Brand Ambassador of Hype Luxury

Hype Luxury Welcomes Suniel Shetty as Brand Ambassador

Suniel Shetty expressed his excitement, stating, “I’m delighted to be the face of Hype Luxury as this association allows one to experience luxury without owning it. Hype Luxury offers vehicle leasing and exclusive services on land, air and water in a more flexible consumption pattern, to help customers realise their aspirations and dreams of living a luxurious life. By expanding its worldwide range of mobility services, it is responding to changing customer preferences and the trend towards digital, flexible and individual choice.”

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Elevating Luxury to Global Heights

Raaghav Belavadi comments on the association, adding, “Suniel Shetty epitomises the essence of luxury and charisma, making him the perfect face for Hype. His association signifies a synergy of elegance and grandeur, elevating Hype to new heights in the world of global luxury mobility experiences”.

“Targeting High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNIs), the luxury segment has witnessed exceptional growth globally, gaining prominence in the post-COVID era. It’s time to bring premium services to the front line in Bharat”, he added.

Hype Luxury’s collaboration with Suniel Shetty is a strategic move aimed at responding to changing customer preferences and the growing trend towards digital, flexible, and individualized choices. The brand’s expansion into 23 cities in Bharat and its operational presence in international hubs such as Dubai, the UK, Alaska, and the Maldives demonstrates its commitment to delivering premium services on a global scale.

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The Future of Luxury Mobility

Targeting High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNIs), Hype Luxury positions itself as a frontrunner in the luxury segment, which has witnessed exceptional growth globally, especially in the post-COVID era. The collaboration with Suniel Shetty is poised to elevate Hype Luxury to the forefront, bringing premium mobility services to the forefront in Bharat and beyond.

Let’s wrap: Hype Luxury X Suniel Shetty

In conclusion, the association between Hype Luxury and Suniel Shetty marks the beginning of a new era in luxury mobility, where elegance, grandeur, and a commitment to customer satisfaction converge to create unparalleled experiences for individuals seeking the epitome of opulence. As Hype Luxury continues its journey towards global prominence, Suniel Shetty’s ambassadorship adds a touch of star power to an already dazzling brand.

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