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Louis Vuitton with FIFA legends: -Messi and Ronaldo

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FIFA fever is already high as the 2022 FIFA World Cup has started in Qatar. And Louis Vuitton proved to be smart enough to roast the fish in this fire. This French luxury brand Louis Vuitton grabs the whole world’s attention just through its one campaign with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo and it put the whole internet on fire. The campaign was named “Victory is a State of Mind” showcasing two legends of the era.

This million-dollar picture was taken by photographer Annie Leibovitz, and it went viral instantly. This portrait depicts Messi and Ronaldo sitting across a table where Louis Vuitton trunks are kept overlapped in between of both, and they are playing chess over the LV trunk. The low exposure and dark theme create tension overall in the frame which is making the FIFA turmoil higher and more intense. Keeping their rivalry on the fence, both of them can be seen checkmating each other in the photo shoot as well on the grounds of FIFA. This photograph was posted on 19th November on the official page of Louis Vuitton and within an hour it crossed millions of likes and views making this post the third most-liked post of all time.

Football Fans had the dream of seeing their two favorite football legends together and this post put them on cloud nine. But their happiness stayed only for some time because fans were smart enough to find loopholes in the image and figure out that it is an edited image, and both the players are shot at different times and edited together in the image. This editing wasn’t much appreciated by the fans, and they felt kind of betrayed as the brand kept them in the dilemma of confusion.

A lot of rumors raised about this campaign, as it gives a whole plate to serve plenty of assumptions. Some say, “Location is same therefore both the players have met for this campaign and it’s not an edited”, whereas some say “photoshop of the era, can’t believe coming from a luxury brand like Louis Vuitton.

Both the players have reposted this post, but none has cleared their fan’s doubts, about whether it’s real or fake. But to Stifle the fire of doubts of millions of fans, a Twitter account posted a BTS video of this campaign shoot, and it was very insightful to come to the correct conclusion that Ronaldo and Messi never met in person but they both were shot separately and was magically edited together in this picture.

Soon after this campaign gets viral on the internet, it becomes a meme material instantly. A lot of brands come up with innovative creativity to engage the audience with this trendy meme. Food delivery apps Dunzo and Farmleyin has come with the best usage of this million-dollar picture of Ronaldo and Messi with Louis Vuitton. Taking the Daniya Pudina reference dunzo make a relatable connection with everybody.

Both the players are going to be playing against each other at their fifth World Cup and it’s also speculation that it could be their last as well. Well, if this speculation has any possibility of becoming truth, then it’s going to be extremely heartbreaking for cricket fans.

The FIFA World Cup Opening ceremony is on November 20, 2022, with Qatar playing against Ecuador followed by Argentina playing against Saudi Arabia on November 22, 2022.

With this ignition of a bewildering campaign of Louis Vuitton, Ronaldo created another thunder by becoming the first person to reach 500 million followers on Instagram.

This campaign proves to be a miracle for some as they were surprised to see their two favorite football players together in one frame, but a certain group of fans felt betrayed and were being played by their emotions via flawless photoshop.

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