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“Good Luck Girls Campaign”: – Cadbury Dairy Milk campaign.

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Cadbury has always been crowned with some of the best ads of all time. Cadbury has a perfect grip on how to be witty, interesting, entertaining and socially impactful. Similarly, in 2021, Cadbury dairy milk came with a highly appealing and socially significant ad campaign “Good Luck Girls Campaign” with Ogilvy & Mather.

“Good Luck Girls Campaign” was an initiative by Cadbury dairy milk to celebrate women’s and sportswomen’s empowerment and strength. The main agenda of this campaign was to honor our women sportsperson and build path for the future shining stars. To ensure that this campaign was not built on any hypothetical ground, Cadbury involved parents, family and friends to come front and celebrate women power.

The ad starts with the women cricket team on ground playing and the suspense is cracking to score up and one of the player’s partners supporting her while having the bite of chocolate and soon she scores six, he barged into the stadium and hug her which symbolize his support, love and respect for her.

In 1994 Cadbury Dairy Milk came up with the iconic campaign “Asli Swad Zindagi ka” and in 2021 Cadbury recreated this campaign with a way bigger motive of kindle to celebrate women’s power in creating a rigid milestone at every path of success road. Anil Viswanathan, Senior Director, Mondelez India quoted “Our brand always believes in equality and women empowerment, and we always try to highlight gender inclusivity with a wholesome respect for women warriors.

This campaign didn’t stop till the media level but adding on, in association with magic bus, Cadbury Dairy Milk launched a coaching program for young women dreamers who wanted to make their way to sports like cricket, football, etc. and was a huge success, this campaign was able to coach 15,000 girls were trained to cover 4 cities.

When this ad surfed over the internet, netzine felt a wave of nostalgia and refreshment at the same time. Reliving the craze of cricket and celebrating women’s power was an energy booster for people and they highly loved it. Some got their childhood memories revised with this new ad, some were overwhelmed with tons of love. Seraphim Communication call it a fresh breeze of energy and says “Well done you all! Feels like a fresh breeze. As an all-women comms agency, Seraphim hails such attempts to sensitize the larger public. A big hug from us all.

With this campaign, Cadbury dairy milk has built a strong milestone on the path of successful campaigns that serves entertainment and infotainment with an agenda of empowerment and growth. We are eagerly waiting for Cadbury to come up with campaigns more that are rejoicing, fun, entertaining and proves to be a perk in society.

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