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Why so much Noise to make Chiku king of fruits?

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A petition is going viral to make Chiku the king of fruits. #KingChiku is going viral, and people are suddenly started seeing Chiku everywhere on social media. But why Chiku is in trend? Why is everybody talking about Chiku? WHY?

Well, it all started with the electronic brand Noise posting a mysterious post “We are Supporting #KingChiku with the image of fruit Chiku.

And after this post, the whole internet went confused but also thrilled with this extremely off-track hashtag #kingchiku. International standup comedian and actor Virdas and YouTube sensation Bhuvan Bam came up with a new hype of making Chiku the king of fruits. They claim that Chiku is an underdog fruit that needs to be crowned with the king position and mango needs to take a back seat for some time from this position.

Soon after this, #kingchiku waved on the internet like fire in the forest. Every meme page took the responsibility of making Chiku the king fruits. Even it increased the sale of Chiku fruits in the market.

The Petition says

“All this while, we have been singing glories of mangoes and apples. While they are great, it’s time for the underdogs to rule. And now, it’s the turn for our sweet, humble Chiku.” ‘

All this chaos was going on when Noise posted another post, which cleared all the confusion that was burning. Noise announced King Virat Kohli as their new brand ambassador and took his nickname “Chiku” to create excitement and suspense among viewers.

Kohli also took over Twitter and spoke

With this King Chiku Campaign, the news made its place in some of the best campaigns of all time that made the whole of India think, Do Chiku is actually an underdog? Is the king of fruits not Mango or Apple, but Chiku? If you also think so, let us know in the comment section below.

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