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Top Indian LGBTQ influencers on Instagram breaking stereotypes

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Social media is a platform for expressing yourself and your art. And some Indian LGBTQ influencers have joined the frays and are known online through arts, crafts, poetry, and simply themselves. No wonder it happened. Social norms, prejudices, and gender stereotypes still exist.

They use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others to discuss important topics. They talk about the topics like gender advocacy, acceptance, and other socio-political issues.

And hence we have put together a list of Indian trans influencers that you should follow immediately to express your love and support!

Indian LGBTQ Influencers Breaking Stereotypes: A Comprehensive List

Priyanka Paul – @artwhoring

Priyanka Paul, a self-taught poet and illustrator, is an influential figure within the transgender community. With her artwork and messages, she inspires others to embrace their true selves and advocates for social justice. Despite facing online trolls, she fearlessly stands up for the rights and visibility of trans individuals, making her a powerful voice for change.

In 2019, she was featured in Gucci’s film “The Future is Fluid” and in “Paper Magazine”. She saw herself as belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community. However, she admitted that it took her a long time to realize who she really was.

Durga Gawde – @durgagawdestudio

Durga Gawde, a popular trans influencer and drag queen, is a vibrant advocate for the queer community, using their platform to promote gender-fluid fashion and challenge societal norms. With a background in fine arts and a charismatic presence, Gawde’s positive and impactful voice has resonated through appearances in various media and speaking engagements.

Additionally, in 2021, they were featured in the magazine Cosmopolitan.

Sushant Divgikar – @sushantdigvikr

Divgikr, a certified psychologist and accomplished drag artist, captivates audiences with his confident performances and exceptional acting skills. As the creator of “Rani KoHEnur,” the first drag queen to be featured on national television, Divgikr has made significant contributions to the LGBTQ+ community. With massive following and notable appearances in various television shows and competitions, including Queen of the Universe- an international singing competition for drag performers, Divgikr continues to showcase his talent and advocate for inclusivity and self-expression.

Alex Mathew – @mayathedragqueen

Alex Mathew, a prominent drag queen, actor, and trans influencer, uses the character “Mayamma” to inspire and empower listeners while advocating against gender-based violence and prejudice. With a strong social media presence and impactful performances across India, Alex Mathew breaks barriers and promotes the understanding that drag is an art form independent of gender or culture.

He has also performed in drag shows across India, delivered numerous TEDx presentations, and conducted workshops to promote local cultural identities.

Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju – @trintrin

Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju is a renowned trans influencer, doctor, and actor. She has been featured in numerous Netflix India films and made it to “The Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia List 2022”.

She is the first Transwoman surgeon in Karnataka. Additionally, she uses her personal experiences to promote awareness and initiate conversations about gender, sexuality, feminism, and social issues.

Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju is also seen with Kusha Kapila in the show Behensplaining.

Alok Vaid Menon – @alokvmenon

Alok V Menon is a renowned fashion influencer, author, performer, and activist who self-identifies as Transfeminine. With a global following of 1.2M on Instagram, they advocate for neutral gender fashion, challenge societal norms, and speak out against violence faced by gender non-conforming individuals of color, using a captivating blend of humor, design, and activism. Their work has been featured on various platforms, including HBO, MTV, BBC, CNN, and the New York Times, making them a trailblazer in promoting inclusivity and advocating for the LGBT+ community.

Pritam and Manish- @vagabondboiz

Pritam and Manish, as a gay couple, create a world that is pure and beautiful in every sense. Their content is the vibrant rainbow we eagerly anticipate, covering music, travel, and the simple joys of their lives.

With wholesome videos showcasing cute date inspiration, their stories and experiences embody the beauty of living authentically as a trans couple, filling our hearts with immense joy.

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Divesh and Atulan- @honey.imm.home

Divesh and Atulan, known as Honey Imm Home, capture the hearts of many as Indian LGBTQ influencers with their adorable couple dynamics. Their joint YouTube channel delves into profound topics like coming out and navigating societal and familial pressures. Additionally, they share delightful moments of travel and humorous challenges, creating a perfect blend of depth and entertainment. They inspire and instill hope in other desi gay couples, making them believe in love and envision a brighter future. With relatable experiences, a refreshing spirit, and a contagious positive energy, they have become my personal favorite.

Sufi and Anjali- @sufi.sun, @anjalichakra

Sufi and Anjali, an Indo-Pak homosexual couple, sparked a sensation across social media and made headlines in leading Indian newspapers. Their love story garnered immense love and support from people. They have since launched a YouTube channel where they openly discuss their personal journeys, mental health, family acceptance, and share heartwarming couple stories. Their content breathes fresh air into the conversation and offers a unique perspective filled with positivity and inspiration.

Yogi and Kabeer- @yogiandkabeer

Yogi and Kabeer, a genuinely heartwarming gay couple, never fail to bring joy whenever they appear on your feed. Their content is diverse, featuring funny and heartwarming videos that capture the essence of beauty. Their page is a delightful mix of meme-worthy material, romantic videos, and authentic storytelling that sheds light on both the light and dark aspects of life. Additionally, their refreshing content radiates positivity and good vibes, creating a breath of fresh air for all who encounter it.

Nick & Sayantika- @nick_and_sayantika

Nick and Sayantika are an inspiring lesbian couple who believe in changing the world through love. Despite facing numerous challenges, they openly celebrate their togetherness and advocate for treating LGBT individuals as normal couples rather than objects of fetishization. Their courage and determination serve as a powerful example of embracing love and fighting against discrimination.

In a society that is still grappling with social norms, prejudices, and gender stereotypes, Indian LGBTQ influencers on Instagram have emerged as powerful voices for change. Through their art, crafts, poetry, and authentic selves, they have shattered stereotypes and sparked conversations on important topics like gender advocacy and acceptance. These influencers have harnessed the power of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to educate, inspire, and build a more inclusive society. By following and supporting them, you can be part of the movement towards a more accepting and understanding world.

So don’t forget to follow these LGBTQ influencers and support them!

FAQs: Indian LGBTQ influencers

1. Who are LGBTQ influencers?

LGBTQ influencers are individuals who identify as LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) and use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and others to share their experiences, advocate for LGBTQ rights, and raise awareness about important issues.

2. What kind of content do these influencers create?

LGBTQ influencers create a wide range of content, including art, crafts, poetry, photography, personal stories, and discussions on topics like gender identity, acceptance, inclusivity, and LGBTQ rights. They often use their platforms to engage with their audience, educate, and initiate conversations around important socio-political issues.

3. Why should I follow LGBTQ influencers?

Following Indian LGBTQ influencers on social media is a way to show your support for the LGBTQ community and to learn from their experiences. By following them, you can gain insights into their unique perspectives, stay informed about current LGBTQ issues, and contribute to creating a more accepting and inclusive society.

4. How can I support Indian LGBTQ influencers?

You can support Indian LGBTQ influencers by following them on social media platforms, engaging with their content, sharing their posts, and amplifying their voices. It’s important to listen, learn, and be respectful of their experiences and perspectives. Additionally, supporting LGBTQ organizations, attending LGBTQ events, and educating yourself about LGBTQ rights are other ways to show your support.


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