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Myntra Illuminates Tamil Nadu with Pongal Campaign

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In a bid to strengthen its presence in Tamil Nadu, the leading fashion e-commerce brand Myntra has launched a unique and visually striking Pongal campaign, titled “Palich Palich Pongal.” The campaign features four captivating light-art installations strategically placed across different parts of Chennai, showcasing iconic figures and pop culture references. Conceptualized by Talented and executed by Katha Chithram Productions, the campaign aims to resonate with the distinctive Tamil Nadu market, known for its challenging yet influential consumer landscape.

Myntra Pongal Campaign Concept

The campaign revolves around the idea of merging traditional light art installations with modern storytelling to establish Myntra’s presence in Tamil Nadu. Recognizing the absence of conventional billboards and posters in Chennai after a government ban in 2008, the team opted for non-traditional outdoor expression, using festive art to convey their message. The goal is to leverage the cultural significance of Pongal, the state’s harvest festival, to connect with the local audience.

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Art Installation and Execution

Myntra Illuminates Tamil Nadu with Pongal Campaign
Thangam’s chalk-drawn sketch on the temple floor.

The heart of the campaign lies in the visually stunning light-art installations, referred to as “Oli Padam” or light pictures. The production team, led by Shruthi Nandagopal, collaborated with Thangam, a skilled artist, to sketch computer-designed artwork on a temple floor. The bamboo structure, resembling the familiar four-line notebooks, was then erected and adorned with traditional serial lights. The process of creation, from sketching to installation, took a meticulous 15 days. Four key locations—Koyembedu Bus Terminus, Rohini Theatre, Panagal Park, and Woods Road—were strategically chosen to maximize visibility among diverse audiences.

Myntra Illuminates Tamil Nadu with Pongal Campaign
The Bamboo Structure
Myntra Illuminates Tamil Nadu with Pongal Campaign

Messaging and Product Integration

The installations not only serve as eye-catching visuals but also convey a simple yet powerful message – all the showcased products (shirt, sunglasses, veshti, and sari) are available on Myntra. The Myntra Pongal campaign encourages consumers to recreate iconic film references and embody their on-screen heroes, tapping into the cultural and emotional resonance of Tamil Nadu.

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Challenges and Innovation

The campaign faced both creative and logistical challenges, including the need to obtain permits for this unconventional form of advertising. Mounting the artwork at significant heights added complexity, requiring the team to navigate legal and practical obstacles. Despite these challenges, the campaign, led by PG Aditiya, successfully transformed traditional light art into an innovative storytelling medium, emphasizing the essence of the message over a conventional media-first approach.

Myntra has also created another Pongal ad for Tamil Nadu – Pongal oh Pongal. 

Wrapping up: Myntra Pongal Campaign

Myntra Pongal Campaign stands out as a creative and culturally resonant initiative to establish Myntra’s presence in the unique Tamil Nadu market. By fusing traditional art forms with modern marketing, the campaign, under the direction of Shruthi Nandagopal, not only captures attention on the streets of Chennai but also aims to create a viral impact on social media. Through this strategic move, Myntra, led by PG Aditiya, endeavors to make a lasting impression and lay the foundation for future success in the region.

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