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Noise Names a Star After Neeraj Chopra in Birthday Honors

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Smartwatch brand Noise paid a stellar birthday tribute to its brand ambassador, Neeraj Chopra, by naming a star after him. This unique and celestial gesture honors the Golden Boy of India’s exceptional achievements in athletics.

Noise: The Celestial Tribute to Neeraj Chopra

The brand has unveiled a captivating post showcasing celestial stars forming different shapes, symbolizing Neeraj’s milestones. This visual masterpiece underscores his status as a gold star and celebrates the synergy between Noise and its champion ambassador.

Beyond a birthday wish, naming a star after Neeraj is a profound homage to his journey, excellence, and inspiration to millions. It signifies Noise’s deep appreciation for Neeraj as the face of their brand, emphasizing shared values of determination and champion spirit.

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In this concise and meaningful gesture, Noise has immortalized Neeraj Chopra’s legacy in the night sky, reinforcing their commitment to celebrating excellence and inspiring generations. The star named in his honor will forever twinkle as a reminder of the Golden Boy of India’s enduring impact.

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