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Oreo’s ‘Say It With Oreo’ AI Campaign Featuring Farhan Akhtar

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In a world where adulthood can often feel serious and mundane, Oreo, the beloved cookie brand, has always strived to create stronger connections within families and culture by embodying its ‘Stay Playful’ purpose and platform. Building on this commitment, Oreo has now launched its groundbreaking ‘Say It With Oreo’ campaign, which takes playfulness to a whole new level by inviting people to rediscover the joy of uninhibited and lighthearted conversations with the help of cutting-edge technology. Leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Voice Cloning AI, this campaign offers a unique and fresh approach, allowing consumers to express themselves playfully in awkward or weird life situations. In this blog, we will delve into the exciting details of the ‘Say It With Oreo’ AI campaign, featuring the witty and charismatic Bollywood actor, Farhan Akhtar.

The Vision Behind ‘Say It With Oreo’

Nitin Saini, Vice President of Marketing at Mondelez India, expressed the campaign’s core idea, emphasizing Oreo’s dedication to building stronger connections in families and culture through playfulness. The ‘Say It With Oreo’ campaign takes this mission a step further by providing a platform for individuals to break through the seriousness of adulthood and embrace a renewed sense of joy and laughter in their everyday conversations, all thanks to technology.

The Campaign Rollout

The ‘Say It With Oreo’ campaign kicked off with an advertisement showcasing the ‘Voice of Oreo,’ to which Farhan Akhtar playfully responded. This initial interaction set the tone for the campaign, captivating the audience’s attention. The next step was an Oreo representative pitching an awkward situation, which was captured as a film and launched on digital media. The film further solidified the campaign’s message and generated excitement among viewers.

Additionally, the campaign featured six short videos demonstrating the power of the ‘Say It With Oreo’ platform. These videos showcased different scenarios where users turned to Oreo’s AI technology to find playful and light-hearted responses to their everyday challenges. This multimedia approach ensured that the campaign reached a broader audience across various digital platforms.

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6 Short videos Demonstrating The Power of The ‘Say It With Oreo’ platform

The Power of Playful Expression

Mayuresh Dubhashi, ‪Group Executive Creative Director – Leo Burnett added, “Say it With Oreo, a first of its kind campaign that lets people express what they want to, at times when they can’t. Essentially a pack of words when you are at a loss of words. Using Farhan Akhtar’s wit and charm, a Voice Cloning AI and ChatGPT, we’ve tried to create a tool for users to find playful ways to express themselves when they find themselves in awkward or weird life situations. This continues OREO’s mission to make the world that bit more playful. “

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AI Technology At The Heart of The ‘Say It With Oreo’ Campaign

The ‘Say It With Oreo’ campaign showcases the remarkable potential of AI technology in marketing. Oreo has partnered with leading AI voice engines to recreate Farhan Akhtar’s iconic voice, enabling the generation of fully personalized messages at an unprecedented scale. By blending the power of celebrity, generative AI, voice cloning technology, and media, Oreo has crafted a one-of-a-kind experience for consumers that not only captures attention but also resonates on a personal level.

A Collaborative Effort For ‘Say It With Oreo’

“This is perhaps one of the biggest AI led campaigns of recent times, where we are making unlimited fully personalized messaging at scale a possibility. We have partnered with one of the best AI voice engines to deliver a never heard before experience for OREO – recreating Farhan Akhtar’s iconic voice to tailor personalised messages for the audiences. For this campaign we are not only production partners but truly technology and technological activation and deployment partners. This campaign is the true reflection of the integration that we can deliver under Studio POP and the Publicis Power of One model and we are very excited for the playful moments it will create for the brand” added Varun Shah, ‪Executive Vice President- Prodigious & Content Factory.

Enhancing Engagement With AI And Tech

Shekhar Banerjee, Chief Client Officer & North and West Head at Wavemaker India, underlines the significance of AI and tech in enhancing consumer engagement. By employing a unique blend of celebrity influence, generative AI, voice cloning AI tech, and media prowess, Oreo has successfully created a collection of perfect answers to every unanswered or bizarre question that life throws at us. This demonstrates how AI, when harnessed with the right mix of media, can significantly amplify brand engagement at an unprecedented scale.

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Let’s wrap ‘Say It With Oreo’ Campaign

‘Oreo Launches ‘Say It With Oreo’ AI Campaign Featuring Farhan Akhtar’ is a brilliant example of how technology can revitalize a brand’s purpose and engage consumers on a deeply personal level. Through playful expression and Farhan Akhtar’s iconic voice, Oreo has succeeded in inviting consumers to embrace the joy of uninhibited conversations. With the integration of AI and tech expertise, Oreo has not only created a memorable campaign but has also redefined the boundaries of playful marketing. As the ‘Say It With Oreo’ campaign continues to unfold, it promises to leave a lasting impression on consumers, reminding us all to stay playful and find laughter in the little moments of life.

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