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Publicis Worldwide India Secures Creative Mandate for Pramerica Life Insurance

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Publicis Worldwide India has secured the integrated creative mandate for Pramerica Life Insurance, a distinguished brand under the Publicis Groupe India. This collaboration signifies the convergence of creative expertise and a brand’s commitment to innovative, customer-centric solutions.

Excitement and Confidence: Oindrila Roy on the Partnership

Oindrila Roy, Managing Director at Publicis Worldwide India, expressed her excitement about the partnership. He said, “We are thrilled to be partnering Pramerica Life Insurance. It is a highly respected brand with a strong commitment to providing innovative and customer centric life insurance solutions. We are confident that our deep understanding of the category coupled with our creative expertise will help Pramerica exceed its business goals in India.” highlighting Pramerica Life Insurance’s esteemed reputation and strong dedication to providing innovative life insurance solutions. Roy confidently stated, “We are confident that our deep understanding of the category coupled with our creative expertise will help Pramerica exceed its business goals in India.”

‘This is my Climb’: A Manifestation of Aspirations by Publicis Worldwide India

As part of the integrated creative mandate, Publicis Worldwide India has launched a touching and inspiring two-part digital campaign titled ‘This is my Climb’ for Pramerica Life Insurance. The campaign transcends traditional storytelling by delving deep into the emotional essence of human experiences, seamlessly weaving together themes of purpose and resilience in people’s ‘This is my climb’ narratives.

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Amaresh Jena’s Perspective

Amaresh Jena, Chief Marketing Officer at Pramerica Life Insurance, shed light on the campaign’s purpose, emphasizing its role in embodying the brand’s vision. Jena stated, “Our objective is to imbue each life we touch with a profound sense of security and empowerment, echoing our vision. Aligned with our mission to be a trusted friend, guiding individuals to informed insurance choices, the campaign aims to provide support during life’s challenges and inspire enduring confidence.”

Film Highlights: ‘This is my Climb’ Chronicles Extraordinary Journeys

The first film pays tribute to the unwavering commitment and dedication of defense personnel and their families, portraying them as unsung heroes. The second film tells the selfless journey of a father who sacrifices his own goals to nurture his child’s dreams, exemplifying the insurer’s commitment to supporting individuals at every step of their climb.

Film 1:

Film 2:

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Srijan Shukla and Pratheeb Ravi’s Insights: Honesty and Authenticity in Storytelling

“The campaign is conceptualized around the simple truth that there are challenges and struggles in everyone’s life. But it is these climbs and struggles beyond which lie real success. These climbs might seem very ordinary but are in fact tough on the individuals who actually face them. Pramerica Life wanted to be a partner in these extraordinary climbs of ordinary people. The films focus on the lives of ordinary people and celebrate the moment when they decide to take up the climb. We wanted to keep the stories honest and authentic so that the audience resonates with them,” said, Srijan Shukla and Pratheeb Ravi, ECD’s at Publicis Worldwide India.

Conclusion: ‘This is my Climb’ – A Powerful Connection Between Brand and Audience

In conclusion, Publicis Worldwide India’s ‘This is my Climb’ campaign for Pramerica Life Insurance stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in conveying a brand’s values and commitment. By highlighting the extraordinary climbs of ordinary people, the campaign not only engages the audience emotionally but also positions Pramerica Life Insurance as a supportive partner in life’s challenging journeys. As the campaign unfolds, it is poised to inspire and resonate with individuals from all walks of life, fostering a deeper connection between the brand and its audience.

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