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Quirkiest Ads of 2022

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Advertisements are not just a medium of business but now it’s also a source of entertainment, information, and unity. Ads built on a humor tone make people laugh whereas emotional ads connect people on a melodramatic feeling.

In millions of ads, a certain category of ad is loved and enjoyed the most and it’s the Quirkiest ads. We have jotted down some of the quirkiest ads of 2022

1. Cred, Great for The Good

Tagline: – Great for The Good

Ad Agency: – Super Team

Cred is a credit card company that took a campaign to promote their “Reward-based credit card payments”. The campaign was named “Great for The Good”, which featured famous personalities such as Neeraj Chopra, Rahul Dravid, Ravi Shastri, and many more. This campaign showed these famous people in a very opposite of their original core personalities. This campaign came out to be very surprising to everyone and received a lot of appreciation. This campaign was well-welcomed on social media and was highly cherished.

2. Spotify, There’s a Playlist of that

Tagline: – There’s a Playlist of That

Ad Agency: – Circulate Digital

Spotify not only has the best song playlist but also owns the best playlist of campaigns. Spotify has recently come up with a new campaign called “There’s a Playlist of That” where they are showcasing playlists for any kind of situation. This campaign is running for 3 years and in 2022 Spotify revive this campaign by featuring a Dadi dancing on O Antava. Seeing high-spirited Dadi enjoying a very goofy song made the viewers enjoy this campaign a lot and this campaign was highly appreciated for its creativity and relatability.

3. Swiggy , why this a Swiggy Ad

Tagline: – Why is this a Swiggy Ad

Ad Agency: – Dentsu Webchutney

Swiggy has already won the crown of Maniac of marketing. Whether it’s about Memes or campaigns, Swiggy always comes up with out-of-the-box ideas. But this time, Swiggy wasn’t limited to earth but did a campaign across galaxies. Swiggy launched an illustration where space, an astronaut, and a whole galaxy with the hashtag #WITASA. Swiggy launched this ad with a huge question, Why is This a Swiggy Ad? Swiggy threw an Instagram post where they asked people to predict the correct theory behind this illustration. With the reward of Rs 1 lakh, swiggy proves this campaign to be a very engaging one. Multiple theories came up, even the people who never used swiggy also engaged in this campaign and a large number of participants took part in this campaign with whole enthusiasm.

4. Burger King, Ek Dum Pachaas

Tagline: – Ek Dum Pachaas


Usually, brands collab with big celebs to promote their campaign but Burger King went out of the limit, and they caught Hritik Roshan off guard and took his candid reaction as their campaign promotion. Burger King is promoting Rs 50 stunner menu for which they onboard Hritik Roshan, but they involved him in a very smart and witty way. Burger King has released 3 Television campaigns in which Hritik Roshan can be seen being pranked by Burger King, where Hritik is caught off guard with his candid reaction.

5. Vim Black, Black with Swag

Tagline: – Black with Swag

What the best kind of campaign? A campaign that can create chaos.

Vim India came up with a very unusual campaign “Vim Black” where Vim claimed to launch a new pack of vim dish wash specifically for men in a black bottle. This created a hell lot of controversy as people find this campaign very sexist and bigot. Vim came up with 4 television ads, where one of them supermodel Milind Soman can be seen promoting how men brag after doing household chores. After a lot of controversies, Vim India came up with an explanation that they aren’t launching any men-specific dish wash and it was just a satire on men bragging about doing household.

6. UpGrad Aboard, why is Big B so Angry

Tagline: – Why is Big B so Angry

Ad Agency: – The Womb

How will you feel when you see Big B (Amitabh Bachchan) breaking the doors and windows of an office? You will surely be not able to resist yourself to know the whole story. The same ideology was used by UpGrad to promote their new campaign about their new structure of course pricing and offering discounts and other benefits outside of India. Seeing Big B in his angry young man avatar was very refreshing and people enjoy this campaign thoroughly.

7. Lays sizzling hot, Radhika Madan and Ranbir Kapoor

Tagline: – Lay’s sizzlin’ hot

Ad Agency :- Wunderman Thompson

Lays sizzling wanted to show their new sizzle spicy lay in a way that the Indian audience could relate to the most and with that idea, they concluded that Indian weddings could be the best way to connect with the audience with the most wanted groom of Bollywood Ranbir Kapoor and beautiful Radhika Madan. They portrayed the Vidaai scene where Ranbir is seen craving the sizzle of new hot Lays. This ad turns out to be very quirky and got a huge appreciation and engagement from the audience.

Brands always come up with the most unique way of creativity via advertisements which have always amused us with surprises and shock. 2022 has witnessed various levels of advertising including quirky, entertaining, emotional, and funniest layers. And since the bar of the advertisement has increased so high, our expectations for 2023 have also increased and we are eager to witness some of the iconic advertisements of the era.

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