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Shein Back in India: Here’s the Complete Story

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Shein back to India is the biggest happiness right now for the young population. Reliance Retail is reportedly set to bring back the Chinese fashion giant Shein to India. According to a report in Economic Times (ET), Reliance Retail will establish a strategic partnership to reintroduce Shein, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, to the Indian market. This news comes after Shein’s app was banned by the Indian government more than two years ago. The return of Shein to India has generated immense joy and excitement among young people, and the prospect of being able to access Shein’s trendy and affordable fashion once again has brought tears of happiness to many. Shein back to India, the long-awaited phrase, is now a reality, ushering in a wave of emotions for the youth across the country.

Shein Popularity

Shein is an international online fashion retailer that was founded in October 2008 by Chris Xu. Headquartered in China, the company operates primarily through its website and mobile app. Shein has gained popularity worldwide by offering a diverse range of trendy clothing, accessories, and other fashion items at affordable prices. Its ability to provide fashionable products at competitive prices has attracted a large customer base globally.

Shein Back In india
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Initially, Shein was known as a drop-shipping business, where it partnered with suppliers to fulfill customer orders. However, in 2012, the company started building its own supply-chain system and transitioned into a retailer. This shift allowed it to have more control over its inventory and logistics, ensuring better quality control and faster order fulfillment.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has reported that Shein’s valuation has reached $66 billion following its most recent funding round. This valuation represents a decrease of one-third compared to the previous year’s value, as stated by WSJ.

According to Shein’s website, the company emphasizes that its branded products predominantly originate from the United States, India, Brazil, and Australia. This highlights the attractiveness of these markets for Shein, indicating the company’s interest in catering to customers in these countries.

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Why Shein Got Banned

Amidst a border dispute that strained India-China relations, Shein, along with 58 other apps, faced the brunt of the Indian government’s actions in June 2020. The ban on Shein and its Chinese counterparts was prompted by concerns about activities that were deemed detrimental to India’s sovereignty, integrity, defense, and security.

Under the provisions of Section 69A of the Information Technology Act, the Indian government exercised its authority to enforce the ban on certain websites and services, including Shein, in order to safeguard national security. This ban extended to several popular Chinese apps, such as TikTok, UC Browser, CamScanner, WeChat, and Clash of Kings, among others.

Despite the app ban imposed on Shein, the brand’s products managed to find alternative avenues for sale through various online retailers, including platforms like Amazon. This allowed customers to continue purchasing Shein’s products indirectly, even though the dedicated Shein app was inaccessible.

Reliance brings Shein Back In India
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Who is bringing Shein back to India?

In a fascinating turn of events, Isha Ambani, the talented daughter of Mukesh Ambani, is leading the charge for the grand return of the beloved Chinese fashion brand Shein in India after a three-year absence. Teaming up with Reliance Retail, Shein is set to make a stylish comeback in the Indian market. With its trendy and pocket-friendly clothing, Shein had captivated the hearts of fashion-forward women, especially the millennial crowd. However, the brand’s journey hit a roadblock when it faced the ban hammer in India alongside other Chinese apps in June 2020 due to security concerns. But fear not, as Shein is ready to reclaim its fashionable throne in India once again

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While Reliance Industries has not made an official confirmation regarding a deal with Shein, reports indicate that both Reliance Retail and Shein stand to gain significantly from their collaboration. According to the information available, Shein will operate under the retail arm of Reliance Retail. Additionally, it is reported that Shein will utilize this partnership to source for its global operations, including the Middle East and other markets. These details, sourced by PTI, highlight the potential benefits and expansion opportunities that this partnership may offer to both Shein and Reliance Retail.

As per reports, the collaboration between Shein and Reliance Retail will grant Shein access to Reliance Retail’s extensive sourcing capabilities, warehousing facilities, and robust logistics infrastructure. This partnership will also provide Shein with an opportunity to tap into Reliance Retail’s portfolio of online and offline stores. With access to these resources, Shein will be able to enhance its operational efficiency, expand its product offerings, and reach a wider customer base in India. The combined strengths of Shein and Reliance Retail are expected to create a mutually beneficial synergy, benefiting both companies in the Indian market.

Why do People Miss Shein?

Shein’s immense popularity among millennials and Gen Z can be attributed to its unique appeal in several key areas. Firstly, Shein provided a diverse range of clothing options that drew inspiration from Western fashion trends. This allowed young consumers to experiment with stylish and trendy outfits that resonated with their personal preferences.

Secondly, Shein’s affordability was a major driving factor behind its widespread popularity. The brand offered fashion-forward clothing at highly competitive prices, making it accessible to a broad audience. This affordability factor empowered young shoppers to stay on top of the latest fashion trends without straining their budgets.

Additionally, Shein’s online platform provided a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience. The website’s intuitive interface and extensive product range made it easy for customers to navigate and explore various categories. Moreover, Shein’s commitment to fast shipping and customer satisfaction further enhanced the overall shopping experience for its users.

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The absence of Shein, following its ban created a void in the market, particularly for fashion enthusiasts who had grown accustomed to the brand’s affordable, trendy, and stylish offerings. This longing for Shein’s return stems from the desire to regain access to its unique collection of clothing that had become an integral part of many individuals’ fashion choices.

Why Reliance is Bringing Shein Back to India

Reliance Retail stands to gain significant benefits from Shein’s return to the Indian market, especially considering its widespread popularity among youngsters. Shein has amassed a dedicated fan base in India, with countless young individuals already in love with the brand’s trendy and affordable fashion offerings. The anticipation and longing for Shein’s comeback have been palpable, as people have eagerly awaited its return.

With Shein back in the market, there is a high likelihood that the demand for its products will surge. The brand’s strong presence and popularity will create a buzz among fashion-conscious individuals, attracting a large customer base. Reliance Retail can leverage Shein’s existing fan following to drive footfall and online traffic to its stores and e-commerce platforms.

Shein’s return will also lead to a flood of activity in the market. The availability of Shein’s products will satisfy the cravings of loyal customers who have missed the brand’s fashionable offerings during its absence. The market is expected to witness a surge in sales and increased consumer engagement as people rush to explore and purchase Shein’s latest collections.

By capitalizing on Shein’s vast popularity and the pent-up demand, Reliance Retail has the opportunity to not only attract new customers but also retain and delight the existing customer base.

List of brands under Reliance

Reliance Retail, India’s largest retail chain, has partnered with many global brands, including Jimmy Choo, Georgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Versace, Michael Kors, Brooks Brothers, Armani Exchange, Burberry, and Shein. In August 2022, Isha Ambani was named the new leader of Reliance Retail. At the time of her appointment, the company had a turnover of Rs 2 lakh crore and a net worth of over Rs 4 lakh crore.

Are You excited for Shein Back in India?

Are you thrilled about Shein’s return to India? What’s your take on Chinese brands? Should they be banned or given an opportunity to collaborate with prominent Indian brands like Reliance? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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