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Sonata Watches Is Redefining Your Time, Your Style With ‘Poze’

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Sonata, a pioneer in the world of timekeeping, has stepped into the realm of contemporary fashion with the launch of its latest sub-brand, Poze. In collaboration with DDB Mudra Group, the brand has unveiled a captivating campaign film titled ‘What’s Your Poze?’ to introduce the world to a collection designed for the modern youth.

Poze- A sub-brand of Sonata: Capturing the Essence of Contemporary Fashion

Poze is not just a collection of watches; it’s a celebration of style, variety, and the spirit of the present generation. Tailored with the modern youth in mind, Poze offers a range of watches that seamlessly complement their online persona and everyday style.

The first line of Poze watches is a testament to the commitment to style and diversity. Poze watches are crafted for both men and women. This collection aims to elevate the fashion quotient of individuals actively seeking unique and expressive timepieces.

‘What’s Your Poze?’ campaign

To mark the launch of the Poze sub-brand, Sonata has released a visually stunning campaign film. This film not only showcases the unique charm of Poze watches but also extends an invitation to individuals to explore their personal style and express themselves through the brand’s distinctive timepieces.

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Prateek Gupta Speaks: A Commitment to Fashionable Timekeeping

Prateek Gupta, head of marketing and product, Sonata, said, “At Sonata, we are dedicated to bringing the latest in fashionable timekeeping to our discerning customers. With Poze, we continue this tradition by offering a range of watches that are as much about making a personal style statement as they are about timekeeping. We invite the youth to define their style statements with Poze’s stunning selection, available at price points that make fashion-forward timekeeping accessible to everyone.”

For Men: A Bold Fusion of Style Trends

Poze has curated a line of watches for men that seamlessly balance the latest style trends with a sense of bold confidence. The collection boasts a contemporary mix of colors and plating, ensuring that each timepiece is a statement of individuality.

For Women: Elegance Meets Expression

For women, Poze introduces an array of timepieces featuring elegant dials and select styles accented with delicate gemstones. The collection offers a palette of hues, from soft pastels and warm rose gold to bold and statement colors, allowing women to express their style effortlessly.

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Sonata: Poze Collection Pricing

The Poze collection is now available for fashion enthusiasts on Sonata’s official website. With a price range of Rs 725 to Rs 1499, Poze makes fashion-forward timekeeping accessible to everyone.

In Conclusion: Define Your Style with Poze- a sub-brand of Sonata

As Poze takes its place in the world of contemporary fashion, Sonata invites individuals to define their style with the stunning selection of watches from the Poze collection. It’s not just about keeping time; it’s about making a statement. Explore the world of Poze and discover timepieces that resonate with your unique style and personality.

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