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Vijay Deverakonda fashion brand RWDY Makes a Chic Comeback

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Stepping confidently into the fashion realm, Vijay Deverakonda is set to redefine his clothing brand, RWDY- Street Indian Culture. Revealed through a captivating video across his social media platforms, the announcement unveils a fresh ethos and perspective for the fashion label. At the core of RWDY is a potent philosophy — ‘Embracing Your Indian Excellence.’

Vijay Deverakonda fashion Brand ‘RWDY’ relaunch

Vijay Deverakonda is making a bold entry into the fashion industry with the relaunch of his clothing brand, RWDY – Street Indian Culture. The announcement, revealed through a video narrated by Vijay himself, introduces a completely new philosophy and vision for the fashion line.

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The revamped RWDY showcases a fresh logo and an entirely new collection that captures the essence of Indian culture and heritage. The lotus, chosen for its significance in ancient traditions, religions, and mythology, serves as the emblem of the brand. The eagerly awaited collection is scheduled to be released on December 6, 2023, promising a distinctive fusion of contemporary street style and traditional Indian elements.

In the narrated video, Vijay underscores the brand’s philosophy, emphasizing the importance of embracing and celebrating India’s rich heritage. The narrative delves into history, asserting that India’s ancestors were once rulers until external influences disrupted the nation’s prosperity, leaving it in debt and fighting for survival. The video boldly declares that the time has come for India to reclaim its respect on the global stage.

Vijay declares in the video, “We are not here to play, we are here to take over and make the world say namaste.” The brand’s mission is to empower individuals with a deep sense of pride in their Indian identity, fostering a connection to the cultural roots of the nation.

Originating from the streets of India, RWDY aspires to conquer the streets of the world. At the core of the brand is its powerful mantra, ‘Reclaiming Your Indian Superiority.’

What do experts have to say about this relaunch?

Vijay Deverakonda fashion brand RWDY Makes a Chic Comeback
Vijay Deverakonda

Vijay expressed his enthusiasm as he announced the brand’s relaunch on his social media. He posted, A new wave. An era of pride. Rooted in Indian Culture, Let Culture reign the streets. Time to reclaim Indian Supremacy. Let the revolution begin.”

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In a bold foray into the fashion realm, Vijay Deverakonda’s relaunch of the RWDY brand is poised to redefine style with a fresh logo and a forthcoming collection marrying contemporary street fashion and traditional Indian elements. Symbolized by the lotus, the brand seeks to resonate with India’s cultural roots, releasing its much-anticipated collection on December 6, 2023. Vijay’s impassioned narration in the announcement video underscores the brand’s philosophy of embracing and celebrating Indian identity, coupled with a historical narrative calling for the nation to reclaim global respect. Beyond fashion, RWDY aspires to be a cultural movement, epitomized by its mantra, ‘Reclaiming Your Indian Superiority,’ aiming to empower individuals worldwide with a profound sense of pride in their heritage.

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