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The Great Khali & Rohan Joshi Launch India’s First Hard Seltzer for Spyk

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India’s first hard seltzer has made its grand entry, thanks to the brand Spyk, which has recently launched a series of brewed flavored seltzers with an alcohol content of 5.5% and an energy quotient of 100 calories. The brand has also partnered with wrestler The Great Khali and comedian Rohan Joshi to launch a four-film campaign to educate viewers about the category.


Spyk has introduced its hard seltzer in four refreshing flavors: Original, Lime, Mixed Berry, and Orange, and it comes packed in both a can and a pint. With this launch, Spyk aims to expand the culture and consumption of hard seltzers in the country and offer a perfect alcoholic beverage for modern and health-conscious folks.

The partnership with The Great Khali and Rohan Joshi is a thoughtful amalgamation of bold and tough combined with another fun and bubbly personality, indicating the characteristics of hard seltzer. This strategic combination will help Spyk educate viewers about the category and its product offerings.

Vimal Chand, CEO and Co-founder of Spyk, shared his thoughts on the launch, “The seltzer storm in the West was an inspiration to introduce hard seltzers to the Indian consumers. We’ve curated the perfect alcoholic beverage for modern and health-conscious folks. However, we also identified the gap of education that prevails in the Indian consumer market. To tackle this concern, we’ve chosen to educate our potential consumers with a twist of playfulness in the series of launch films created in collaboration with our creative agencies.”

Currently available in nearly 100 stores, hotels, and restaurants in Bangalore and Hyderabad, Spyk plans to expand its footprint in Goa, Mumbai, and the rest of the country. The films were created in collaboration with the brand’s creative agencies, Django Digital and Schbang.

The launch of Spyk’s hard seltzer is a significant step towards offering Indian consumers a wide range of options in the alcoholic beverage category. With the collaboration of two diverse personalities like The Great Khali and Rohan Joshi, Spyk has managed to create a unique and engaging campaign that is bound to capture the attention of consumers.

Spyk’s hard seltzer is an excellent choice for individuals who are health-conscious but also enjoy a refreshing alcoholic beverage. With its low calorie and alcohol content, the brand’s seltzer is the perfect choice for modern-day consumers. Spyk has indeed set a new benchmark in the Indian alcoholic beverage industry with the launch of its hard seltzer, and it will be exciting to see how it shapes the future of this market.


Director: Souraj Bhattacharyya

Producer: Rachaita Vyas

Production House: Schbang

Planning team: Django Digital & Schbang


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