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Timex Collaborates With Ananya Panday For ‘Waste More Time’ Campaign

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In a world where every second is accounted for, Timex, the global pioneer and disruptor in the watchmaking industry, is challenging the conventional wisdom of time. They are encouraging people to embrace the idea that time spent in the pursuit of being your true self is time well spent, even if it appears to be a ‘waste’ to others. This refreshing and unconventional perspective is at the heart of their latest campaign, ‘Waste More Time’ with the charming Ananya Panday.

Ananya Panday: The Perfect Face for Timex

Ananya Panday is the embodiment of the spirit of this campaign. With her passion for life, relatability, and chic yet cool style, she is the perfect choice as the face of the Timex brand. Starting in October 2023, Timex, in collaboration with the talented actress, will engage with its diverse consumer base through a variety of mediums, including campaigns, content, events, and, of course, the Ananya charm.

Campaign Narrative: Living Time, Not Just Telling It

This campaign is not merely about telling time; it’s about living time. In the campaign film featuring Ananya Panday, we see her relishing every moment of life, whether it’s spending quality time with her pet, indulging in the pleasure of reading a good book, or simply conversing with her green companions. Timex is here to keep track of time so that you can forget about it while doing the things that are truly worth ‘wasting’ your time on.

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Ananya Panday’s Take on ‘Waste More Time

Timex Collaborates With Ananya Panday For 'Waste More Time' Campaign

Speaking about her latest association with Timex, Ananya Panday shared her thoughts, “I had so much fun shooting for the ‘Waste More Time’ campaign; it conveys a message that is both unique and striking. I connected with it immediately. In a world that often pressures us to be busy all the time, Timex reminds us that doing what truly makes us happy is never a waste. I am thrilled to be associated with Timex.”

Timex’s Vision for the Campaign

Deepak Chhabra, the Managing Director of Timex India, expressed his delight in announcing the campaign, “We are excited to have Ananya Panday as the face of the campaign. Her personality and the appeal she has among audiences of all ages are commendable. It was a sheer joy to work with her on the campaign, and we couldn’t have found a better partner who is quirky yet calm in her own unique way and resonates with the brand. Together with Ananya and the ‘Waste More Time’ campaign, we hope to strike a chord with our consumers who appreciate honesty in brands and to reinforce the fashion and lifestyle imagery of the brand.”

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Timex X Ananya Panday: Embracing Life’s Simple Joys

Timex’s ‘Waste More Time’ campaign is a bold step in the direction of celebrating life’s simple joys and moments that often go unnoticed. In a world where the relentless ticking of the clock is a constant reminder of life’s fast pace, Timex encourages you to slow down, savor the experiences that make you happy, and ‘waste’ your time on the things that truly matter. Ananya Panday’s infectious enthusiasm and authenticity make her the perfect ambassador for this message, and together with Timex, they aim to inspire us all to make every second count by cherishing what makes us uniquely happy.

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