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Top Instagram Reel Hacks you should know

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Instagram is a basic part of our day-to-day life. Some use it as a timepass, some as entertainment, some as interaction, and most of them are using it as content creation and earning from it. And Reels are the best way to engage with your audience and attract more and more traffic to your IG page. To make your reel more attractive and unique, we have brought you an Instagram hack that you must know.

Top Instagram Reel Hacks you should know

  1. Transition Effect

Transitions are the best way to make a reel attractive and engaging. But a neat and clean transition needs some good editing skills and great ideas. You must have seen a lot of your favorite influencers using magical transitions especially fashion and clothing reels that have blown your mind and made you wonder how to make such reels. Here are some tips and tricks to make awesome

2. Always go with trendy audio

Syncing your reel with trendy and appropriate audio is the most important hack to rank your reel on For You Page. Always go on trending audio that syncs well with your reel. This will help you gain more views and will be featured more and more while scrolling through.

Go to the search column and check on #trendingaudio, once you find a suitable audio for your reel, tap on the bottom left and save the audio. It’s better to use Instagram’s available audio rather than using yours to get on trending.

3. Use Remix

Remixing is the new feature to make reels with other creators and get a chance to grab their viewers as well. It’s a great way to enhance your reel quality by doubling the content and fun. All you need to do is

Tap the reel column

Search the reel you want to remix with

Click on the three dots icon

Click on “Remix the Reel”

4. Add Text to your Reel

Adding Text to your reel makes you more relevant and understandable which attracts more audience. Use clever supers, subtitles for every text, and other information in textual form to make your reel more relevant and interesting. To use Text feature

Get your reel on which you have to add text, Click on the right arrow (‘>”) in the bottom right of the screen

Type the text and your reel

You can also edit it whenever you want

5. Add Stickers on your reel

Reel gives you a new feature to add stickers to the reel. With that, you can add question stickers, poll stickers, and many others to increase engagement on your reel. You can also ask for their feedback on the reel, feedback, and others with stickers.

6. When you are out of ideas

Lip sync: – Check

Transition: – Check

Sticker: – Check

Dance Reel: – Check

What to do when you have tried every kind of reel and you are out of ideas. No need to worry about it, if you think you are out of ideas then go to your stories archive and combine all the relevant and aesthetic stories as a reel on trendy audio. With this method, you can get re-attention on your old stories, and you get a new beautiful and exciting reel ready within no time.

7. List of Trending Audio

Are you confused with which audio to use on your reel and which audio is trendy?

Then we have easy your confusion by listing all the trendy audio on Instagram

Summer Of Love – Shawn Mendes ft. Tainy

Imagination – Shawn Mendes

Dress – Taylor Swift

Skyfall – Adele

Perfect – Camila Cabello ft. Nicholas Galitzine

Harleys In Hawaii – Katy Perry

Can You Feel The Heat Now – Tommee Profitt, Fleurie

Play With Fire – Ft. Yatch Money, Sam Tinnesz

Need To Know X Maneater – Altego_Music

What’s Poppin – Jack Harlow

Bumpy Ride – Mohombi

Happier X Happier – Olivia Rodrigo X Ed Sheeran

Original audio – cheyennepohl

Original audio – lemmuelmamotsau

Original audio – bobo.arttt

Original audio – shootersgottashootpod

Original audio – sophiebreuer99

Microwave Popcorn – boburnham

8. Miscellaneous Hack

Here are some Miscellaneous Hack that will help your reel to stand out from others. Check them out below.

With all the Instagram tips and tricks mentioned above, you can level up your reel game very easily which will also path down to monetize your content and could even earn through Instagram just by enjoying and making fun reels. So, try these hacks and use Instagram not only as entertainment but as a source of earning too.

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