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Verve Media launches “Har Broker Ka Saathi” Campaign for Syndicate by PropertyPistol

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Verve Media has recently launched an exciting new campaign called “Har Broker Ka Saathi” for Syndicate by PropertyPistol. This campaign aims to create awareness about the cutting-edge technology platform designed to streamline the selling process for brokers across the country. Verve Media’s challenge was to deliver this message in a light-hearted manner that resonates with the audience.

Streamlining The Selling Process: The Role of Syndicate By PropertyPistol

Syndicate by PropertyPistol is a revolutionary technology platform that simplifies the selling process for brokers. The platform offers a range of tools and features to help brokers efficiently manage their leads and generate revenue. With Syndicate, brokers can overcome the challenges posed by traditional methods and experience a seamless and hassle-free selling experience.

Adding a Humorous Twist In “Har Broker Ka Saathi”: Meet Manav Mehta, Aka Mehtaji

To add an amusing twist to the campaign, Verve Media introduced the character of Manav Mehta, also known as Mehtaji. Mehtaji represents a modern broker registered on the Syndicate platform. Kunal Kumar was enlisted to portray this character in three brand films that form a key part of the campaign. Mehtaji’s character brings a playful and quirky element to the storytelling.

Storyline: Two Struggling Brokers vs. Mehtaji’s Success

The storyline of the brand films revolves around three brokers, two of whom are struggling to sustain their brokerage business due to the challenges posed by the traditional selling process. In contrast, Mehtaji effortlessly manages his leads and generates significant revenue using the Syndicate platform. This stark difference highlights the benefits of embracing technology and showcases Mehtaji as the epitome of success.

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Quirky Catchphrase: “Kaise Kar Lete Ho Mehtaji”

The catchphrase “Kaise Kar Lete Ho Mehtaji” (How do you do it, Mehtaji?) captures the frustration of the two struggling brokers in a playful and humorous manner. It serves as a recurring element throughout the campaign, piquing curiosity and creating a sense of intrigue among the audience.

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Insight Behind The “Har Broker Ka Saathi” Campaign

Mayur Gole, Co-Founder of Verve Media, commented, The idea behind the campaign comes from a simple insight that anyone who manages a business looks for a partner that can help make things easy. Brokers are no different, and that’s why our team used the campaign tagline “Har Broker Ka Saathi”, backed by the ad films, to bring through a series of emotions like frustration, curiosity and happiness that Syndicate’s audience can relate to. The campaign was brought to life through a number of elements, including social media posts and ad films.”

Empowering Brokers: PropertyPistol’s Dedication And Objective

Ashish Narain Agarwal, Founder & CEO, PropertyPistol said, “We are dedicated to empowering individual real estate brokers and are tirelessly working towards propelling further with this objective. We aim to connect with brokers nationwide and make them understand the seamless assistance Syndicate by PropertyPistol offers. What better way than to connect with them through these compelling commercial films. These films will enable the brokers to recognize the true value Syndicate by PropertyPistol brings to them, helping them to unlock the full potential of their business.”

Let’s Wrap The “Har Broker Ka Saathi” Campaign

The “Har Broker Ka Saathi” campaign by Verve Media and PropertyPistol focuses on recognizing the true value of Syndicate. Through humor and relatable storytelling, the campaign aims to unlock the full potential of brokers’ businesses by showcasing how Syndicate simplifies the selling process and enhances their overall productivity.

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