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Top 10 Indian Food Ads That Left a Lasting Taste in 2023

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In the fast-paced world of marketing and advertising, where every moment is an opportunity to create resonance and leave an indelible mark, the year 2023 witnessed a culinary revolution in the realm of Indian brand promotions. From the bustling streets of Delhi to the coastal kitchens of Goa, marketing maestros harnessed the power of storytelling, visuals, and sensory allure to craft unforgettable campaigns that transcended the mere promotion of food. The top 10 food advertisements by Indian brands in 2023 stand as testament to the strategic brilliance and creative prowess of marketers who successfully transformed gastronomic experiences into captivating narratives. These advertisements not only showcased delectable cuisines but strategically wove brand stories that linger in the minds of consumers, setting a new standard for excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of food-centric marketing. So, join us on a journey through the lens of advertising innovation as we unravel the top 10 food ads that defined the culinary narrative in 2023.

Top Food Ads By Brands

1. Subway

Subway’s 2023 ad featuring chess legend Vishwanathan ‘Vishy’ Anand stands out as one of the best food ads of the year. Tackling the challenge of Subway’s intimidating customization process, the ad introduces the ‘Hotsellers’ menu, simplifying choices for customers. The campaign combines humor and relatability, emphasizing Subway’s commitment to accessibility. The strategic move aims to broaden Subway’s appeal, reaching both niche and mass audiences. So, the ad’s success is evident from a well-received trial run, showcasing the brand’s agility in adapting to evolving consumer preferences and its plans for a Subway delivery app.

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2. McDonalds

McDonald’s India West and South, operated by Westlife Foodworld, has rolled out a standout ad campaign in 2023, showcasing its new McSaver Meals as creators of priceless moments. Crafted by DDB Mudra, the TVCs cleverly captures everyday scenarios where McDonald’s becomes an integral part of customers’ lives. In one scenario, a young couple communicates their meal order in a creative lullaby to avoid disturbing their sleeping baby. The second film unfolds a sweet connection between a boy and a McDonald’s staff member, emphasizing how the McSaver Meals not only provide value for money but also contribute to memorable experiences. The ads effectively convey that McDonald’s goes beyond being just a meal, turning ordinary situations into heartwarming moments, making it one of the best food ads of 2023.

3. Parle-G

Parle-G’s 2023 ad campaign stands out as the best due to its adept fusion of nostalgia, universal values, and brand identity. So, in a market where the brand is synonymous with biscuits, the campaign goes beyond product promotion, portraying Parle-G as a symbol of empathy and family values. The decision to focus on universal themes like kindness and sacrifice resonates with a diverse audience, showcasing the brand’s understanding of its widespread consumer base. The ad’s heartwarming narrative, crafted by Thought Blurb Communications, demonstrates a nuanced approach, also acknowledging the integral role Parle-G plays in people’s lives. By emphasizing its image of humbleness and community engagement, the campaign successfully positions Parle-G not just as a biscuit but as a cherished part of everyday moments. Its also one of the best food ads of 2023.

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4. Haldiram

Haldiram’s 2023 TV commercial, “Dhina Dhin Dha,” earns its spot among the best food ads by capturing joy and togetherness. With a global presence of 250 restaurants, Haldiram’s has become a beloved family and casual dining experience, transcending its identity as a packaged food giant. The TVC beautifully showcases heartwarming scenes of families savoring Haldiram’s dishes, set to a soulful jingle embodying the spirit of “Dhina Dhin Dha.” Beyond promoting products, the ad celebrates the emotional connection and happiness that Haldiram’s brings worldwide, also making it a standout addition to the best food ads of 2023.

5. Pepsico (Doritos, Lays, Kurkure)

PepsiCo India’s TV commercial for the expanded Sizzlin’ Hot portfolio, featuring Lay’s, Kurkure, and Doritos. It also earns its spot as one of the best food ads of 2023. The ad captures the genuine reactions of people experiencing the intense spiciness of these snacks, set against various everyday backdrops. Celebrating the profound connection Indians have with chili-infused flavors, the Sizzlin’ Hot lineup promises a spicy adventure for snack enthusiasts. Additionally, the commercial, reflecting unscripted and spontaneous responses, beautifully showcases the rollercoaster of emotions that come with indulging in these fiery treats. With a comprehensive marketing campaign planned, PepsiCo’s Sizzlin’ Hot range is set to spice up snacking occasions, making it a standout ad for 2023.

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6. Britannia- Nutrichoice

The #FeelTheFit campaign by Britannia NutriChoice is also a good campaign of 2023. It features Bollywood star Ranveer Singh. Departing from traditional fitness campaigns, it celebrates the start of the wellness journey. Emphasizing that small choices contribute to feeling healthier, the creative vision by Lowe Lintas Bengaluru shifts focus from the end result to the positive feeling of making good choices. Singh embodies empowerment and endorses diverse paths to fitness. The campaign encourages recognizing the value of efforts, and also fostering a culture of positive choices for better living.

7. Amul

Amul’s ‘Be More Milk’ campaign cleverly intertwines milk, honesty, and comfort. In a comical twist, the TVCs navigate human behavior. The ads hilariously portray a man going through a breakup, comforted by a friend with Amul’s ‘Be More Comforting’ ethos. The ad skillfully blends heartwarming moments with humor, showcasing the brand’s ability to make genuine connections through the lens of milk. So, it’s a refreshing and innovative approach that makes this campaign a standout in 2023.

8. Kelloggs

Kellogg’s ‘Kuch kar dikhaane ki bhookh’ campaign ingeniously conveys the significance of a nourishing breakfast for children. The ad film, conceptualized by Ogilvy India, revolves around a school-going girl striving to excel in academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities. The narrative beautifully emphasizes the role of a nutritious breakfast, showcasing the girl’s achievements and her mother’s resolve to ensure she leaves home after eating breakfast. The tagline, “Kellogg’s. Kuch kar dikhaane ki bhookh,” captures the essence of the campaign, highlighting how Kellogg’s cereals fuel a child’s hunger to succeed in various activities throughout the day. With a focus on holistic growth, this campaign stands out for its impactful storytelling and nutritional messaging in 2023.

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9. Pepsi

Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Pepsi ad challenges societal stereotypes with a powerful message. Dressed as a bride, she defies expectations, asserting women should marry when ready, not as dictated by norms. The ad breaks more stereotypes as Samantha handles situations like late-night work and questions on security. It challenges the notion that only male actors can perform action sequences. With a strong and empowering narrative, the ad addresses societal pressures on women, making it a standout and impactful campaign.

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10. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s “Mood Badle, Pizza Badle” campaign, featuring celebrities Saif Ali Khan and Shehnaaz Gill, is also of the best food campaign of 2023. The campaign cleverly celebrates the intricate relationship between mood and food cravings. It introduces a range of ten delicious pizzas to match diverse emotions. Saif and Shehnaaz, in separate TVCs, brilliantly convey their moods, with Pizza Hut servers recommending the perfect pizzas for each feeling. The campaign not only showcases the diverse and flavorful pizza range but also offers a catchy combo deal. With its creative wordplay and star-studded presentation, the campaign effectively connects with consumers. That makes it a standout and engaging food ad of the year.

Wrapping up: Top 10 Food Ads

As we conclude our exploration of advertising innovation in the 2023 culinary landscape, Indian brands transcend traditional food promotion. From Subway’s witty customization to Parle-G’s universal values, these campaigns weave narratives, emotions, and societal reflections. Going beyond gastronomy, they exemplify strategic brilliance, seizing every fast-paced moment to make an indelible mark. These top 10 food ads in 2023 set new standards for excellence, promising to be a benchmark in the dynamic realm of ever-evolving food-centric marketing.

FAQs on Best Food Ads:

What makes a food ad effective?

Effective food ads often combine visually appealing content, storytelling, and a clear message that resonates with the target audience. Incorporating emotions, humor, or cultural elements can also enhance effectiveness.

How important is storytelling in food advertising?

Storytelling plays a crucial role in food advertising as it helps create a connection with the audience. Narratives that evoke emotions, showcase the brand’s values, or tell a compelling story can make a lasting impact.

Why do some food ads focus on emotions rather than product features?

Emotionally driven ads tend to create a more memorable and relatable experience for viewers. By tapping into emotions, brands can form a deeper connection with consumers, making the product more memorable.

How do food ads adapt to cultural preferences?

Successful food ads often consider cultural nuances, preferences, and traditions to resonate with the target audience. Adapting to local tastes, values, and also celebrations can enhance the effectiveness of the campaign.

What role does humor play in food advertising?

Humor can make a food ad more memorable and shareable. It helps in creating a positive association with the brand and can make the content stand out in a crowded advertising landscape.

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