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Vim India and the fight of ‘Black” and “Yellow”

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Brand Campaigns sometimes prove to be iconic but sometimes they can also create high-rage controversy. A similar has happened with Vim India’s New Campaign “Vim Black. The new Vim Black ad is featuring Super Model and actor Milind Soman, who is seen praising how another man is bragging about cleaning dishes and doing household.

The ad was built on a sarcastic tone to pass on the message that households are not only meant for women, but men are also equally responsible for that. But viewers didn’t take it on a positive note, and they find this ad sexist and bigoted. Vim Black and Milind Soman went through a lot of backlash after this ad was broadcasted all over the screens. People called actor responsible for creating gender discrimination.

Vim India came up with 3 ads for the same campaign Vim Black in which the theme was #BragWithSwag for all three, where you could see Vim bottled in a black bottle, that is signifying masculinity and hardship. The idea of keeping the Vim bottle Black is to signify it for men and call it the first dishwasher to be used by men.

Once this post went on Instagram, users filled the comment section with such comments

“Why just dishwasher? What about the mop, broom, bartan? Indian ads are getting crazier by the day”,

“Absolutely trash! Making dishwashing soap black so men can buy it and ‘feel masculine ‘?? Seriously? It’s 2022! Not 1950”

“Haha, do men need their own dishwash now?? XD”

After so many backlashes and controversies, Vim India decided to water off on the fire created by this campaign and in defense, they posted an “It was a joke”.

Vim India came up with a revelation that they aren’t launching any men’s dishwasher, but it was just a satiric ad to spread awareness in society that men are equally responsible for doing household as a duty instead of ignoring or bragging about them.

Even many female celebrities stood up with the idea of this campaign and choose to be a part of this. Female celebrities like Sameera Reddy, Neha Dhupia, Mini Mathur, and many others female celebrities are seen promoting Vim black campaign thoroughly. They signify that this ad was not built on a sexist foundation and #bragwithSwag was used in a satiric way to spread the message of gender equality even at households.

Controversies burning out from campaigns and brands coming out to describe the right intention to water off controversy is not a new thing. A lot of brands earlier like MANYAVAR, FAB INDIA, TANISHQ, and many others have gone through such backlashes that ignited out of misunderstanding. But don’t you think that misunderstanding campaigns and giving negative reaction is actually shrinking the creativity portal and making the brand limited to its ideas? What do you think? let us know in the comment section below.

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