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Zomato-Blinkit and never-ending Trend

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“Dhoodh mangoge dhoodh denge”, “Kheer mangoge kheer denge” and “Zomato aur Blinkit mangoge trending memes denge”. Recently a huge fire of meme trend is going excessively viral on the internet which is ignited by Zomato and Blinkit. The whole meme is built on the platform of a very famous Bollywood movie Maa Tujhe Salaam, 2002, dialogue, which says, Doodh mangoge, Kheer denge; Kashmir mangoge, cheer denge. Both the brands recreate this dialogue in their own ways and within no time this meme thread became a trend. Zomato dropped this wholesome meme with the caption saying, “Insta collab featuring a billboard collab”. As soon as this post went live, it was flooded with tons of likes and exceptionally insane comments. Meme market Ashneer Grover also commented on this post, calling it super cool.

The whole dialogue was twisted in such a way that can be relatable and hilarious at the same time. The meme trend went insanely wild when Zomato put a story where they asked others to create their version of this trend “Doodh mangoge, doodh denge”

A lot of brands like Jeevansathi, Hajmola, Telegram,, truly madly, and even Mumbai Police did participate in this trending meme game, with high enthusiasm, and nailed it like a pro. Not just the brands but a lot of common people also took part in this meme thread and came up with some iconic parodies of this meme. Some says, “My college – degree mangoge, depression denge”, “Relationship mangoge? Couple jaise notifications denge”, “Discount mangoge, extra taxes laga ke denge”, “Assignment mangoge, dusre ka chipka denge”. The game bar went so high that the whole comment section became a battlefield to serve the best of best parody of this meme.

Zomato is a highly used food delivery app in India and Blinkit is a widely popular grocery delivery app. Both are responsible to supply happiness to their customers and this meme has the same metaphorical meaning where brands are spreading the message that whatever their customers will ask, they will be provided with the same or even better.

When this meme trend was spreading virally on everybody’s nerves, at the same time, one of the biggest sources of Entertainment, Netflix, came up with its version of this trend. Netflix took this opportunity as a chance to promote their new series ”Wednesday” and drop a post on their main Twitter account, saying, “It’s a great day to go out and look at billboards“.

This train of wordplay is seeming to be never-ending because tons and tons of new varieties of this meme are coming out every day. Brands like Prega News,, Tide India, and Bingo! Snacks and many more came up with some of the finest examples of creativity that the meme world could ever witness. And every wordplay turned the world, swirling in the wave of humor, laughter, creativity, and top-class marketing.

Agency Masala was also no less to follow this trend and we have got something insanely creative to show our presence in the race of this huge chain for wordplay and marketing

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