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6 Most Iconic Commercials of all time

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Commercials and Creativity have a relationship like bread and butter, the hotter the butter (creativity), the better bread will be grilled (commercial). The world of advertising has witnessed a lot of amazing ads, some of them even has become iconic commercial of all time that people remember for decades, for example Vodafone came up with Zozo campaign in 2018 during IPL S2 and even now people remember it and wish to see such ads again. Many ads have blown away the mind of audiences and has forced them to think, how such thought can evoke in someone’s mind.

Here we are going to cover 6 brilliantly creative commercials of all time

  1. KFC Ad film: – creating noise from every crunch, France, 2021

In 2021, KFC and agency Havas Paris came up with a smart and witty ad to announce the reopening of French Cinema. To encourage people to go to cinemas halls on the first day of reopening, KFC used a very satiric idea. In the ad it is shown that the guy is eating KFC bucket and the syncing is crunching sound to the sound effects in movie. This denotes a relation between audience, KFC and cinema, that how we are interconnected.

2. Doritos Ad Film: – The Flying Pig, 2014

Have you ever desired something so bad, or so good that you are ready to do anything for that!! Well, an Ad Film by Dorito came in 2014, where it was shown how a kid can make even a pig fly just for the sake of having a packet of Dorito. Interesting and comical way of interacting with audience is the best way to come with an iconic ad.

3. Disney Channel: – Shanivaar, Ravivaar Pura Parivaar

Few years ago, Disney came up with a beautiful campaign “Disney Channel: – Shanivaar, Ravivaar Pura Parivaar”, which was created with the motive of telling people that Disney is not only restricted to kids’ content but whole family can enjoy together. To convey this message Disney created few sets of beautiful, emotional and touching ads that melt every viewer’s heart and gave this commercial as special place in their heart.

4. Honda Ad Film: – Paper

Honda’s Ad film “Paper” was one of the ads that were nominated for an Emmy. A 2-minute ad was created on the idea of origami on the theme “The Powers of Dreams”. The ad runs on the evolution of vehicles, with origami art, seamlessly. Honda extracted the conclusion on the note, “You Never Know Where a Dream Will Lead You”. The journey from the invention of the engine to the popularity of Honda could not be shown in any other better way.

5. Indian Head Injury Foundation

Indian Head Injury Foundation can be crowned for creating one of the wittiest commercials with a satiric message. Indian Head Injury Foundation is a foundation that creates awareness regarding safety and precaution related to road accidents. But as it is said, people get the message more in satiric form rather than straight way, and the foundation applied the same logic and created a very witty and sarcastic commercial on buying helmets.

6. Centre Fruit Ad Film: – The game of tongue

Centre Fruit has always been able to serve only and only entertainment with memorable punchlines that are being used by viewers as well. One of the Centre Fruit ads was the hotel menu ad that was smartly used keeping the menu narrated by the waiter and center fruit. This ad was loved unanimously all over the globe and even after so many years this ad is still missed and adored.

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