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How to boost your Instagram followers organically?

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Most people give up when they learn about the effort, while others choose to take the quickest and easiest route. You need to work really hard on Instagram to create excellent content and figure out how to grow Instagram followers organically.

Instagram is growing daily and has established itself as a pillar of many brands’ social media presence, bringing valuable traffic to landing pages, increasing conversions, and building engaging audiences.

Do you know? Around 200 million of the one billion users who are online every day check at least one business account. So, it is very clear that Instagram is a fantastic platform for business owners and marketers.

On Instagram, however, there are 25 million business accounts. This indicates that it is challenging for brands to leave a stamp that hasn’t utilized a proper growth strategy.

Wait wait wait!!! You’re not the only one thinking of how to stand out in this cluttered environment. It is obvious that there is and will be a competing climate on Instagram.

To stand out in the crowd some companies are turning to shady practices like buying followers, employing third-party applications to automate participation, and using bots to produce likes. Hence, to resolve this issue, Instagram implemented a “shadowban” to protect the channels’ integrity. This “shadowban” restriction prevents the infringing brands’ postings from appearing in followers’ feeds or search results, which decreases engagement.

We know, many questions are ticking through your head, Isn’t it? Like, is it possible to increase Instagram followers and engagement without a penny, or what if my accounts get shadowbanned and whatnot!

First of all, if you are buying Instagram followers and if it does not depict an active fan base that supports your brands by making purchases, visiting your landing sites, and sharing your content with their friends and followers then the size of your Instagram following is ultimately meaningless.

Therefore, instead of using unethical solutions like buying followers, always focus on using ethical ways to expand your account’s growth and followers.

All set to go? Let’s get started. Here are some tips to boost Instagram followers organically.

1. Optimize your Instagram profile and posts.

Instagram followers

One of the most crucial stages is to have your account well optimized before you start researching how to increase your Instagram following. Consider the Instagram bio for your company as the “home page” of your profile.

Because, how would users know the account belongs to your brand without a bio, image captions, a suitable username, or a profile picture? On Instagram, your bio and image act as the core of your brand identity. Optimizing your account is crucial since the link in your bio is the only place you can direct Instagram users to your website.

Set your account username near your actual brand name so that it’s easy to find. If in case your brand name is lengthy then abbreviate it to something so that your audience will easily understand. Also, keep it similar to other social media accounts you already have, and avoid adding digits or other special characters in your username.

Now moving towards optimizing posts that is content. Instagram has recently undergone many modifications. They have not only added new features to compete with Snapchat, but they have also blocked several third-party apps from accessing the site. As a result, it is more difficult for companies to increase their customer base, which focuses on the value of optimization.

Content continues to rule. But social media platforms are dripping with poor-quality content. So, to grow and get noticed, you must make your posts more engaging and eye-catching by following a few tested posting patterns. It will definitely increase Instagram followers and engagement on your page.

a) Beat the Instagram Algorithm 

Instagram uses AI to rank posts and choose which ones will show up first in users’ feeds. Postings from users who seem to be “friends or family” are given a higher ranking than posts from random users. So to reach your target audience, you must DM, like, or comment on their posts.

Instagram gives posts that are interesting or relevant to a user a better ranking than other posts. Additionally, Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes the freshest posts.

In short, you must publish content regularly. Also, don’t post anything. First, study your audience and then accordingly create fresh and unique content on what your audience is interested in.

Reels have totally taken off since they were introduced on the platform in mid-2021. They were introduced by Instagram to counter TikTok, and as a result, Reels began to take precedence over other forms of content. Reels have a duration of up to 90 seconds and are vertical.  So with other forms of content try to post reels with trending songs to see what works best for your brands. 

Watch this video to gain Instagram followers

b) Add relevant hashtags

Adding hashtags to your posts will make you more visible to Instagram users who are searching and using the discover feature. Do some research and select 5–10 suitable hashtags to add to the copy of the post (image/video).  Rotate the hashtags or try new ones and evaluate which benefits your brand the most. Don’t forget to include a hashtag in your post because doing so increases interaction by 12.6%.

We have one more trick to polish your content. On Instagram, you can follow hashtags. So do follow hashtags you’ve researched. Because you can find out what kind(s) of material are regularly posted on that particular hashtag’s feed or story. It’ll definitely help you.

Check out some best websites to find hashtags for Instagram.

c) Post at the right times according to your Instagram followersrewwollof margatsnII ruoy ot dnidroocndoc gioc

Instagram posting at the appropriate time is important. You don’t want the algorithm to overlook your content, isn’t it? So, you can gain the most views on your post and gain some new followers by posting at the most effective time of day.

What time of day is ideal for Instagram posting? Depending on your sector and target audience, the answer to this question will change. But still, if you want to learn more about when your audience is engaged, try Instagram Insights or a third-party analytics platform. Then, try scheduling your posts for the time of day when your audience is most likely to be on Instagram. You can experiment with your posting schedule to see how your engagement rate changes throughout the day.

2. Share engaging content

You’ve now sorted out Instagram’s algorithm, created visually appealing content, and posted at the appropriate times. Do you still are not happy with the engagement rates?

That indicates your stuff is not up to the mark. You feel that your content is being ignored or overlooked by your followers. So it’s high time to accelerate. And for that, you need to brainstorm and come up with brilliant concepts that will get your audience engaged in and noticing your content.

If you’re experiencing difficulties coming up with ideas, consider these:

a) Instagram Live

Instagram Live is for live videos, as the name suggests. This is a fantastic approach to taking the top spot in the story section for your followers. There is no doubt live video is more lifelike and retains viewers watching. You can include interviews, product unboxing, and audience Q&A in live videos. Just make sure to prepare yourself beforehand to prevent mistakes.

b) Instagram Stories

Stories are the best way to showcase your brand’s personal stories and most importantly, they will not flood your follower’s feeds like other posts. Plus, if you’re having a Business account with more than 10K followers then you can add a “swipe up” to your Stories and drive traffic to your website. Also to improve engagement stickers in stories can also be utilized.

c) Giveaways and Contests

These two are innovative methods to increase your following. You can tell contest participants to follow your page and/or tag their friends in posts. Your brand can gain additional exposure, and in return, your fans can win fun prizes.

d) User-Generated Stuff

An excellent technique to boost market presence is through user-generated content. It has great potential for interaction and is free. You can create a custom hashtag and push your followers to use it in their posts and follow it. By doing this, you can collect a tonne of worthwhile content that you can then reuse in your Stories.

e) Secret or Surprising Moves

By sharing behind-the-scenes videos and bloopers, you can engage your audience in your journey and it will also help to increase Instagram followers of your account. Even posting hints about upcoming events and products can generate buzz.

Check out some more tips to increase engagement

3. Compile a list of accounts related to your niche

Make a list of all of your competitors and influential accounts Instagram handles. For instance, if you work in the fashion sector, you can create a list of all the top apparel brands and fashion influencers who target the same audience.

Then study and understand these accounts to obtain a better idea of what to share. 

Use the accounts of your competitors to grow your fan base as well.

4. Follow the Followers of Your Competitors

Following each of the accounts on your list, one by one after that is the next thing to do. They are your target audience because they already follow your competitors, which indicates that they are curious about your sector and maybe what you are offering as well.

You are only able to follow 50–100 people per day under the current Instagram algorithm. Your account may be suspended by Instagram if you follow more than 100 people every day. So please proceed cautiously.

5. Shoutouts 

On Instagram, Shoutout means co-promotion is also another way to promote your brand without breaching any rule. With the right influencers, you can barter shoutouts to make the approach profitable for both parties. A shoutout is when you acknowledge a brand and usually include a profile link in the caption. 

To find people who work in your field, you can use influencer marketing tools or hashtag searches. Then, look through their feeds to find users that frequently make shoutouts that receive a lot of engagement. Ask them if they’re interested in exchanging shoutouts with you after liking and commenting on one of their posts.

6. Collaborating with influencers

Influencers are either individuals or organizations that attract a following. The buying decisions of influencers’ followers might be influenced by the trust that they have established with them. You can achieve great success in terms of engagement, follower growth, and even sales by collaborating with influencers.

Your brand may get the attention of an influencer’s followers if they suggest it. They might be motivated to use your items or subscribe to your social media profiles. However, why would an influencer support your business? What could entice them to serve as your spokesperson? Authenticity plus remuneration is the answer.

Offer influencers free goods or services or a commission in exchange for their work to sweeten the deal. Additionally, some micro- and nano-influencers accept gifts, special offers, or shoutouts as payment.


Hopefully, these pointers will enable you to plan your Instagram marketing approach without spending money on advertisements and buying followers through shady practices. It’s essential to remember that how you display your business and interact with users truly affects the rate at which your Instagram followers increase organically.

We hope this information is helpful to you.

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