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Reels that went from Binge to Cringe

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Reels are like a spice in life, if put in balance amounts, taste delicious but if overdose, then, feels like puking off. Similarly, when good and entertaining reels reiterate, again and again, they become cringe and annoying.

Here we have jotted down some of the internet-burning reels that did spark amazingly but an overdose of them made it go from Binge to Cringe.

1. Dil yeh Pukare Aaja

Imagine you have gone to a party/marriage ceremony, there you just enjoying yourself with music and dance, and the next day you become an internet sensation because of that random dance. Sound unbelievable, right!! But something exactly has happened with a girl from Pakistan, named Ayesha. Ayesha went to the wedding ceremony, and she dance to one of the iconic old songs of the late Lata Mangeshkar, “Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja”.

Her dance with grace and beautiful smile went viral overnight. Ayesha was on every second reel and this audio went crazy viral. Not only Pakistan but India was also flooded with this audio and tons and tons of reels were created on the same audio even same steps as Ayesha. With this instant, Ayesha definitely becomes a sensation and she’s also getting big modeling and acting projects. But this audio has become enough annoying now to make your ear bleed. Within a month of this viral video, there are about tons of reels on the same audio, even our Bollywood Dhak Dhak Girl, Madhuri Dixit has also recreated Ayesha’s dance on the same song.

2. Patli Kamariya

Suppose your one friend call 4-5 friends for a get-together after a long time. You go all excited and happy thinking that your friends and you are reuniting after such a long time but when you reach there, that one friend asked you to do “Aaye haaye haaye” on her patli Kamariya. Don’t you feel bad, angry, embarrassed, and awkward, all at the same time? This is what the new viral trend, “Patli Kamariya” is doing. A track that could have been beautifully used at parties to dance and enjoy is now used again and again over reels, just for ”Patli Kamariya Mori, aaye haaye haaye”.

3. Kaccha Badam

Kaccha Badam’s back story could have been motivational, a Badam seller who use to sing a song and sell Badam on his cycle in a small village got overnight fame just by his unique Badam selling style. But thanks to our reeler gang, they took this song, remix it, and but it a trend overnight. When this song got popular, the Badam seller was featured in a Music Video and after that, it become a panel trend for everyone.

Kaccha Badam was a life turning for some influencers as they got sudden hype from it just through 30 sec of the reel. But its infinite usage made this song top 3rd reel which went from binge to cringe.

4. Pawri ho rhi hai

“Yeh humari Car hai, yeh hum hai, aur yha pawri ho rhi hai “ This phrase was on almost everybody’s tongue. A random Pakistani girl went on a trip with his friend, and she recorded a very random video of herself saying Yeh humari Car hai, yeh hum hai, aur yha pawri ho rhi hai “. This one single phrase came out like a fire in the forest. Every meme page, every reel, even in the day-to-day, was using this phrase like a regular Hi-hello

Tons of different versions of Pawri ho came to the market and at no time the whole internet was saying “Yeh humari Car hai, yeh hum hai, aur yha pawri ho rhi hai “. When we all were cringing over this new pawri , the girl who ignited this fire of cringe, one and only, Dananeer, was getting bigger and bigger projects and new time she crossed Millions of followers. Isn’t it something surprising and shocking at the same time?

5. Unholy by Sam Smith

Just 2 months ago Pop Star, Sam Smith came up with a very exotic song ‘Unholy‘. This crazy song was so awesome that music lovers like you and me wanted to keep this song gatekeep from sabotaging the reel gang, but you can hide from the sun, but you can never hide a good song to ruin from the reeler gang. And within 2-3 days of its release, Unholy was everywhere over reels.

You can find at least 6-10 reels on this song within 2 minutes, guaranteeing you over this. Sam Smith could have never thought that all the effort in making this song, production cost, studio recording, and amazing lyrics could be so annoying at a point in time that people would beg to not hear this audio ever again. Poor Sam, we are with you.

6. Gypsy

Have you all also noticed that, whenever you see a gypsy, suddenly some certain lyrics start floating out of your mouth, which goes like “Ho mero balam thanedar chalve gypsy”? If yes, then you are also affected by a high dose of the same reel again and again. Pranjal Dahiya is a Haryanvi singer, who created a very vibey song, “Gypsy”. And as soon as this song went on air, a sudden wave of popularity surrounded it instantly.

Gypsy went crazy viral, and content creators took this opportunity as a huge source of entertainment. It’s been 7 months since the release of this track but by now about tons of reels have been made on this audio and even now it’s trending like anything. Initially, this song was very vibey and jamming but excess overuse of it has made this song list on the list of reels that went from binge to cringe.

If you are also frustrated with reels ruining our favorite songs and audio, then let us know in the comment section below, and also let us know what another reel you think has gone from binge to cringe.

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