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Luxury brand endorsements ft. Indian celebrities

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The world of luxury brands and Indian celebrities is an intersection that has seen tremendous growth in recent years. With the emergence of luxury brands and the rise of Indian celebrities, collaborations between the two have become increasingly popular. Indian celebrities have boosted many brands, ranging from high-end fashion to luxury watches, by endorsing them. In this blog, we will take a look at the various luxury brands that collaborated with Indian celebrities, and why these partnerships were so successful.

Deepika Padukone 

Deepika Padukone is no stranger to collaborations with top brands. This year, she has signed on to be the face of five major brands, including Cartier, Adidas India and Pottery Barn. With her timeless style, her commitment to fitness and staying ahead of trends, and her appeal to global audiences, Deepika is the perfect fit for these brands.

Cartier, the iconic French luxury jewellery and watchmaker, chose Deepika Padukone. As her timeless style and passion for luxury will surely be a great fit to embody the brand’s values of sophistication, elegance, and timelessness.

Adidas India, the global sportswear brand, also roped in Deepika Padukone as their brand ambassador. As a successful, hardworking, and confident woman, Deepika is the perfect person to inspire and motivate people through sports. 

Deepika’s collaboration with Pottery Barn is a unique one. Pottery Barn is known for its stylish and timeless furniture and Homeware. However, Deepika’s aesthetic will no doubt be a great fit for the brand.

Lastly, Deepika Padukone also collaborated with the iconic French fashion house Louis Vuitton, a luxury brand for women’s clothing and accessories. This is a major milestone for Deepika, as Louis Vuitton is known for its high-end fashion, and the endorsement will bring her even more international recognition. 

Manushi Chillar 

Manushi Chillar, the Miss World 2017 winner, collaborated with the world-renowned beauty brand Estée Lauder. The collaboration between Manushi and Estée Lauder is a perfect match. As both share a commitment to helping empower women to look and feel their best. 

Anushka Sharma 

Anushka Sharma is the latest celebrity to collaborate with American fashion house Michael Kors. Michael Kors is known for its modern and sophisticated designs and that’s exactly what Anushka embodies in her personal style. Additionally, Anushka’s effortless grace and poise make her the perfect ambassador for the brand, and her style choices and fierce attitude make her the perfect face of the campaign. 

Priyanka Chopra

Just like Anushka, our Desi Girl, Priyanka Chopra has also been a great fit for the Italian luxury jewellery brand Bvlgari. Priyanka is an international icon and has been a fashion trendsetter for years. Her stunning style and elegant beauty make her an ideal choice for the brand. Bvlgari has always been associated with luxury and sophistication, and Priyanka perfectly embodies that. Her charm and charisma will be a great asset to the brand. 

Conclusively, luxury brand endorsements featuring Indian celebrities have been a huge success in India. From increasing brand visibility to increasing sales, it has been a win-win situation for both celebrities and luxury brands. Such endorsements are a great way to reach out to a larger audience and increase brand loyalty. With the ever-growing demand for luxury products in India, we can expect to see more of these types of endorsements in the future.

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