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Top 10 Ads in India That Stand Out in 2023

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Welcome to a journey through the vibrant realm of Indian advertising excellence in 2023. In this exploration, we present the “Indian Ads 2023” showcase—a captivating collection of the top 10 advertisements that truly stood out. Join us as we delve into the realms of creativity, innovation, and compelling storytelling that defined the landscape of Indian advertising in the past year. Witness the brilliance unfold as each ad takes center stage, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of marketing. Get ready for an inspiring voyage through the best of Indian Ads 2023!

Top Ads in India that stand out in 2023

1. Dream 11

Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi from 3 Idiots mock cricketers for acting in ads, then challenge them to a cricket match. Cricketers retaliate, but the ad is all about Dream11, a fantasy cricket app viewers are invited to play. Over 100 million YouTube views show it’s a hit

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2. 5 Star

5 Star’s “Nothing University” is a playful and satirical marketing campaign launched in 2023 to promote their chocolate bar. It centers around a fictional university dedicated to teaching the art of doing nothing, a skill increasingly valuable in a world dominated by technology and constant busyness.


CRED’s “Fills Most Voids” ad featuring Zeenat Aman is a witty and thought-provoking campaign that blends existential musings with a practical solution for credit card payments. The ad features legendary Bollywood actress Zeenat Aman, known for her glamorous and outspoken persona, immediately capturing attention.

4. Zomaito v/s Zomaato 

In 2023, Zomato launched a humorous ad campaign that played on the pronunciation debate. The ad featured a group of people arguing over how to pronounce the name, with each person insisting that their pronunciation was correct. The ad ended with the tagline, “Zomato, however you say it.”

5. Red Label India

Ah, the Red Label – India’s Favourite Social Network campaign! This clever marketing play by Brooke Bond Red Label, India’s most popular tea brand, uses the familiar concept of social networks to draw a parallel with the age-old tradition of sharing a cup of chai.

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6. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy’s “Har Dil Ki Fantasy” campaign, featuring Shah Rukh Khan, is a multi-layered gem that weaves together indulgence, aspiration, and relatable desires. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy’s “Har Dil Ki Fantasy” campaign, featuring Shah Rukh Khan, is a multi-layered gem that weaves together indulgence, aspiration, and relatable desires.

7. Starbucks India

Starbucks India’s “It Starts With Your Name” campaign, launched in 2023, was a powerful and thought-provoking initiative that aimed to celebrate diversity and inclusivity. The campaign’s core message focused on embracing each person’s unique identity, starting with their name. It highlighted that regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other defining factor, everyone deserves to be recognized and respected for who they are.

8. Subway

In 2023, Subway India launched a campaign featuring five-time world chess champion Vishwanathan Anand. The campaign, titled “The Great Indian Sandwich,” was a humorous take on the challenge of ordering a sandwich at Subway.

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Pantaloons organized a Mother’s Day Q&A campaign, inviting people to participate in a fun and heartwarming session. The campaign involved asking participants questions about their relationships with their mothers, aiming to create a relatable and enjoyable experience. Participants were encouraged to share their own relatable moments in the comments and express extra love for their moms on Mother’s Day.

10. Apollo Tyres

Apollo Tyres has launched a touching Christmas campaign, telling a poignant story of a father and his daughter. The emotional narrative follows the girl, who lost her mother, expressing a heartfelt wish to Santa to meet her again. The campaign beautifully captures the warmth of their relationship, portraying a heartwarming moment as the father takes the girl on a journey in his car, symbolizing a special connection.


In conclusion, the “Indian Ads 2023” showcase offers a mesmerizing journey through the pinnacle of advertising excellence in India. These top 10 advertisements represent a tapestry of creativity, innovation, and compelling storytelling that defined the advertising landscape in the past year. From Dream 11’s star-studded cricket challenge to 5 Star’s whimsical “Nothing University” campaign and CRED’s witty credit card payment solution featuring Zeenat Aman, each ad has left an indelible mark on the canvas of marketing. The blog also highlights the humorous face-off between Zomaito and Zomaato, the clever social networking twist by Red Label India, and the multi-layered charm of campaigns by Sunfeast Dark Fantasy, Starbucks India, Subway, Pantaloons Fashion, and Apollo Tyres. Together, these advertisements not only showcase the brands’ products but also celebrate diverse narratives, emotions, and experiences, making them a testament to the vibrant and evolving landscape of Indian advertising in 2023.

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