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15 Top Fashion Influencers of Rajasthan Setting Trends in 2024

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The desert state of Rajasthan has often been portrayed as a land of sand dunes and camels. However, there is much more to Rajasthan than meets the eye. Rajasthan is also home to a rich culture and heritage, and this is reflected in the state’s traditional attire.

Rajasthani women are typically seen wearing colorful ghaghra cholis, while Rajasthani men wear dhoti kurtas and turbans. However, in recent years, there has been a growing trend of Rajasthani fashion influencers who are experimenting with traditional attire and creating new and trendy looks.

So, who are these top 15 fashion influencers from Rajasthan that you need to know in 2024?

Top Fashion Influencers in Rajasthan

1. Chitrangi Sharma –@mydesipandora

Chitrangi Sharma, recognized as the “Best Lifestyle Blogger 2020,” stands out as a trendsetter in the fashion world with her unique style. Her captivating collection of fashionable outfits, suitable for various occasions, keeps her audience intrigued with unexpected elements. In addition to her role as a fashion influencer, Chitrangi is also a skilled writer, crafting engaging stories that resonate with her followers. She skillfully blends her love for experimentation, not only in her wardrobe choices but also in her choice of words. Based in Rajasthan, she continues to make a mark as a prominent fashion influencer in the region.

2. Komal Gudan- @komalgudan

Komal Gudan stands out as one of the best fashion influencers in Rajasthan, making waves not only as a top-tier stylist but also as a pivotal force shaping the local fashion landscape. Hailing from Jaipur, the Pink City, Komal effortlessly weaves together comfort and elegance, creating a captivating visual narrative that seamlessly incorporates both modern trends and timeless charm.

Her influence transcends the boundaries of fashion, with Komal actively engaging her audience through insightful content on new product launches and invaluable makeup tips.

This comprehensive approach underscores her commitment to guiding others in navigating the realm of personal style. In the dynamic and vibrant world of Rajasthan’s fashion, Komal Gudan emerges as a trendsetting influencer, capturing the attention of audiences with her distinctive fusion of contemporary flair and traditional allure.

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3. Harshita Kasеra- @harshitakasera

Harshita Kasera, the vibrant blogger from Kota, not only delights taste buds but also reshapes perspectives on indulgence and fitness. As a go-to guide for both foodies and fitness enthusiasts, Harshita seamlessly blends flavors while providing practical tips for a healthy diet. Beyond culinary advice, her approach embodies a lifestyle philosophy, urging followers to embrace a vibrant and nutritious way of living.

Adding a fashionable twist to her versatile profile, Harshita Kasera also shines as a fashion influencer, showcasing her unique style that complements her holistic approach to a balanced and wholesome lifestyle. She’s not just a culinary and fitness guide; she’s a trendsetting influencer encouraging a well-rounded life.

4. Shivani Sharma@shivisha_

A standout fashion influencer and multifaceted entertainer, Shivani Sharma captivates with her dynamic presence on social media. Her distinct style is highlighted through a blend of quirky and glamorous outfits that showcase her vibrant personality.

But Shivani is more than just a fashion icon. Beyond the realm of style, her profile transforms into a gateway to serene travel destinations.

Offering a delightful escape, she takes her audience on a virtual journey that effortlessly transcends geographical boundaries. Whether dazzling in fashion or exploring tranquil locales, Shivani Sharma is a force to be reckoned with in the world of online influence.

5. Sakshi Khotari- @sakshikothari16

Sakshi possesses a distinctive charm that captivates followers, compelling them to scroll through her feed until the very end. Her enchanting feed showcases a delightful fusion of cute and posh outfits, sparking an irresistible urge to explore further into the captivating world of her wardrobe.

Beyond being a mere collection of fashion moments, Sakshi’s feed is a unique experience that unfolds with every swipe, revealing the seamless blend of trends and individuality. Recognized as a leading fashion influencer, she not only displays her stylish ensembles but also encourages a community of followers to embrace their own unique fashion journeys. Sakshi’s feed serves as a genuine expression of blending trends with personal flair, establishing her as a true trendsetter in the realm of fashion influencers.

6. Nidhee Chhugani- @deeipinmydreams

Nidhee Chhugani excels in the art of accessorizing, making her a standout in the fashion scene. As a model and lifestyle and fashion influencer based in Jodhpur (Rajashtan), her expertise goes beyond just stylish clothing.

Nidhee surprises her followers by adding an extra dimension to her content – food styling tips. Her feed transforms into a canvas where she artfully presents not only outfits but also culinary delights, creating a holistic experience for her audience.

Explore her feed not only for her embellished outfits but also for valuable food styling tips!

7. Dеviya Singh Choudhary- @staybeautiful_deviya

Deviya rocks classic and spellbinding fashion, standing out with her remarkable makeup skills. She goes beyond just choosing outfits, it’s about blending fashion and makeup artfully.

With her innate style, she effortlessly pairs flared outfits with the perfect makeup, creating a timeless and elegant look that sets her apart.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect style with makeup, Deviya is one of the best fashion influencers in Rajasthan for it.

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8. Nidhi Agarwal- @treasure_muse

Nidhi Agarwal, honored as the “Best Lifestyle Blogger 2019,” is not just a travel enthusiast but effortlessly embodies urban chic. As the Creative Head at Vadhini, a clothing brand, she curates styles that resonate with contemporary trends. Follow her journey to embrace an urban chic lifestyle influenced by her fashion-forward perspective.

Nidhi Agarwal stands as a notable fashion and lifestyle influencer in Rajasthan, shaping trends with her unique blend of travel and urban fashion.

9. Anuaa Yadav- @like_a_look_

Anuaa’s wardrobe perfectly aligns with her fascinating and breathtaking travel adventures. Elevate your travel-fashion sense with this Jaipur-based blogger, drawing inspiration from her unique and captivating style.

As a prominent fashion influencer in Rajasthan, Anuaa effortlessly blends cultural charm with modern trends, making her a trendsetter in the vibrant fashion scene.

10. Archi Vijayvargia- @i_archivj

Archi, the enthusiastic fashion blogger, ensures her followers stay regularly updated on her fashionable escapades.

Through her Instagram, adorned with beautifully captured photos, she keeps fans on their toes, providing style inspiration for wardrobe transformations.

Whether it’s western or Indian wear, Archi effortlessly slays every look. Beyond being a fashion diva, Archi understands the pulse of common people, making her the go-to blogger for relatable style.

If you’re in search of a blogger who seamlessly blends style and relatability, Archi is the one to follow. Notably, she dedicates time to promoting various brands, including Daniel Washington and Bioderma, showcasing her influence in the fashion and beauty realms.

11. Chetna Kanwar- @chetnakanwarofficial

Chetna isn’t just a fashion influencer; she’s also a doctor with a passion for beauty and lifestyle. As the owner of the clothing label “Surango,” she seamlessly blends her medical expertise with a keen sense of style. Every Instagram post she shares features stunning pictures, showcasing her impeccable fashion taste in both ethnic and modern attire. Undoubtedly, she slays every look, earning her the title of an ultimate fashion queen.

In addition to her clothing brand, Chetna actively promotes various other brands like Herbal Essences, The Face Shop, Pond’s, and many more. Her diverse influence spans the worlds of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle, making her a notable figure in these realms.

12. Meghna Badami Mundhra- @allthatsfancy

Meghna, the creative mind behind the fashion and lifestyle blog “All That’s Fancy,” is not just a trend enthusiast but also your go-to guide for styling perfect pieces during festive seasons. She is one of the best fashion influencers in Rajasthan. Following Meghna ensures you stay on top of the latest trends and discover unique ways to elevate your style.

So, stay connected for a fashionable journey with one of Rajasthan’s finest fashion influencers, Meghna.

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13. Rupal Toshniwal- @rupal_toshniwal

Rupal Toshniwal, a prominent Jaipur-based fashion influencer, is renowned for her exceptional styling hacks. Elevating her influence beyond social media, she runs a YouTube channel dedicated to helping you achieve a unique and refined look that stands out from the crowd.

Rupal is undeniably one of the best fashion influencers in Rajasthan, offering valuable insights and tips for a distinctive and stylish wardrobe.

14. Pallavi A. Agrawal- @pallavi.a.agrawal

Pallavi A Agrawal, the creative force behind the Jaipur-based clothing brand Tuli, specializes in handcrafted and block-printed designs. With a belief in styling simplicity with utmost grace, Pallavi is a prominent fashion influencer in Rajasthan.

Her Instagram showcases a variety of content, including videos on Get Ready With Me (GRWM), styling how-tos, and valuable fashion tips. In addition to fashion, Pallavi shares her expertise in beauty and skincare through engaging videos. Follow Pallavi for a delightful blend of fashion inspiration and expert advice, making her one of the best fashion influencers in Rajasthan.

15. Preyanka Phulwani- @thesparklingvibe

Priyanka, crowned as the “Best Upcoming Lifestyle Blogger 2020,” is your ultimate guide for impeccable skincare routines and makeup tips. As a sought-after beauty and fashion influencer, Priyanka seamlessly blends expert advice with a pop of adorable outfits.

So, follow her for a perfect mix of beauty, fashion, and style inspiration, establishing her as a rising star in the lifestyle blogging scene.

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Let’s wrap up: Fashion Influencers in Rajasthan

So, fashion influencers in Rajasthan are reshaping the narrative of the desert state. Beyond the stereotypical imagery of sand dunes and camels, these trendsetters showcase a dynamic blend of tradition and modernity. With diverse styles, unique perspectives, and a touch of local charm, they collectively contribute to Rajasthan’s evolving and vibrant fashion scene, proving that there’s more to this culturally rich state than meets the eye.

FAQs: Fashion Influencers in Rajasthan

1. Who are the top fashion influencers in Rajasthan?

  • Komal Gudan (@komalgudan): Known for her effortless elegance and fusion of modern and traditional style. A top stylist and influencer from Jaipur.
  • Chitrangi Sharma (@mydesipandora): A trendsetter with a unique approach, known for her enchanting array of stylish ensembles and captivating content.
  • Harshita Kasera (@harshitakasera): A versatile influencer known for her diverse style inspirations.

2. What makes Rajasthan’s fashion influencers unique?

Rajasthan’s fashion influencers are unique due to their ability to seamlessly blend traditional elements with contemporary styles. They bring a fresh perspective to the state’s fashion landscape, showcasing a dynamic and evolving culture.

3. Do these influencers only focus on fashion?

No, many influencers in Rajasthan go beyond fashion. Some are also experts in areas such as beauty, lifestyle, fitness, and even culinary arts. Their content often reflects a holistic approach to a well-rounded and fashionable lifestyle.

4. How do these influencers contribute to the fashion culture in Rajasthan?

These influencers contribute by setting trends, showcasing diverse styles, and promoting a blend of tradition and modernity. So, they play a crucial role in shaping the fashion narrative in Rajasthan and beyond.

5.What are some of the different styles that Rajasthani fashion influencers are known for?

  • Fusion Style: Blending traditional Rajasthani elements (ghagra choli, bandhani prints) with contemporary trends.
  • Minimalist Chic: Effortless elegance with focus on clean lines and muted colors, often incorporating modern silhouettes.
  • Bohemian Vibes: Flowy fabrics, intricate prints, and layered accessories inspired by Rajasthani textiles and nomadic culture.
  • Sustainable Fashion: Promoting eco-conscious clothing choices and locally sourced textiles.
  • Cultural Exploration: Showcasing traditional Rajasthani attire in different settings and contexts.

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