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Top 12 North East Fashion Influencers

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Welcome to the vibrant world of North East India, where diverse cultures, delicious cuisines, and stunning traditional attire await your exploration. Imagine a place where the scent of bamboo-infused dishes tickles your taste buds, and colorful handwoven textiles share stories from generation to generation. This region is a treasure trove of unique traditions and flavors, making it a delight for the curious soul. Now, let’s dive into the digital scene, where a fresh wave of North Eastern fashion influencers is putting the spotlight on the beauty of their culture.

From putting a modern twist on traditional attire to taking you on a journey through lesser-known culinary gems, these influencers are the bridge between tradition and the contemporary world. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of North East India through the eyes of these digital trendsetters – each post a vibrant stroke in the portrait of this captivating region. Ready to explore with these North Eastern influencers by your side?

Top North East Fashion Influencers

1. Aien Jamir

Meet Aien Jamir, one of the dynamic North East fashion Influencers. From blogging to content creation, she effortlessly weaves her vibrant Nagaland roots into her work. The proud owner of AJ Store, Aien’s solid business acumen shines through. Vogue and Cosmopolitan have celebrated her quirky style, while giants like Nike, H&M, and Adidas prioritize her in influencer marketing. A fashion blogger, stylist, and entrepreneur, Aien’s style spectrum spans classic, edgy, quirky, and vintage. Dive into her world where beauty meets style seamlessly.

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2. Gloria Tep Rengma

Enter Gloria Tep Rengma, a pride of Nagaland and a prominent North East Influencer. This Indian model and psychotherapist, represented by Inega India, seamlessly juggles both careers. With a unique blend of Naga and Malayali heritage, she brings a special mix inherited from her parents. Gloria gained recognition as the second runner-up in the 2015 season of ‘India’s Next Top Model,’ propelling her into the spotlight. Her influence extends beyond the runway; in the realm of influencer marketing, she champions mental health care and awareness passionately. Gloria Tep Rengma, a name synonymous with diversity, talent, and breaking barriers.

3. Shivani Boruah

Introducing Shivani Boruah, widely recognized as the Fly Girl and a standout among North East Influencers. A fashion luminary in India, she’s renowned for her unique styling, distinctly opting for sneakers over heels. At 31, she’s a digital creator on Instagram and Youtube, with a special focus on sneakers. Holding the position of Content Head at the VegNonVeg sneaker boutique, Shivani embarked on her professional journey in 2016. Her influence extends beyond social media; in 2017, she initiated ‘the velvet radio’ blog and, in October 2020, launched a digital magazine dedicated to women in the street style and sneaker space. Dive into the world of the Fly Girl, where fashion meets individuality with a sneaker twist.

4. Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Meet Nilu Yuleena Thapa, a powerhouse among North East fashion Influencers and the creative mind behind BIG HAIR LOUD MOUTH. As a style, beauty, and travel blogger, she’s not just making waves; she’s riding a tsunami. Nilu was the face of the Hidesign Icon collection launch in September 2014, showcasing her influence in the fashion realm. Her quirky-chic sense of style has graced the pages of numerous magazines, earning her a spot among the top bloggers globally. Originating from the quaint lanes of Kalimpong near Darjeeling, Nilu has transformed into a leading fashion voice in India. Recognized as one of Karan Johar’s top 5 Lakme Vloggers, she’s also been chosen by LeEco as a content partner for IIFA2016 in Madrid. Dive into the world of BIG HAIR LOUD MOUTH, where beauty, style, and wanderlust collide in the most captivating way possible.

5. Lee Middleton

Meet Lee Middleton, the young dynamo reshaping the fashion landscape and a standout among North East fashion Influencers. At just 22, Lee, a leading fashion stylist, uses his Instagram account @Leemiddleton to set unparalleled fashion benchmarks for men. While he stays abreast of trends, he believes ‘confidence’ is the key ingredient that elevates any outfit. His trendy ensembles are a testament to his unique style, standing out effortlessly in the crowd. Not confined to fashion alone, Lee is also a skilled makeup artist, currently making waves in both Shillong and Mumbai. His influence is not only local; influencer marketing companies in Delhi are eager to collaborate with this regional sensation

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6. Asenla Jamir

Asenla Jamir, a 26-year-old Bollywood sensation from Dimapur, is making waves as one of the notable North East fashion Influencers. Debuting in 2020 with ‘Axone,’ directed by Nicholas Kharghongar, she’s not just an actress but a former fashion stylist. Featured in international fashion mag Elements in 2019 and a face in commercials, Banaras is a NIFT graduate with a flair for fashion, interiors, and art. Her freelance styling and blogging on Blanc Muse, along with graphic design as a leisure pursuit, showcase her diverse talents. Amidst North East Influencers, Banaras stands out, attracting attention from influential marketing companies eager to tap into her widespread appeal.

7. Merenla Imsong

Born in Kohima, Nagaland, Merenla Imsong, a standout North East fashion Influencer, studied at Hans Raj College, Delhi University, before moving to Mumbai for work. Initially, she worked as an assistant designer and dabbled part-time in theatre and advertisements. Merenla gained attention with her viral video, “Presumptuous Chinky,” a humorous take on North Indian perceptions and names. In 2019, she entered Bollywood with “Shuruaat Ka Twist” and later featured as Balamon in “Axone.” Adding to her repertoire, she played Nancy in “Call My Agent Bollywood.” Merenla Imsong, a rising star, brings her unique perspective to social commentary and the Bollywood scene.

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8. Angelina Pongener

Meet Angelina Pongener, a renowned North East fashion Influencer hailing from Nagaland. She’s the creative mind behind The97Notebook blog, where she began sharing her chic, minimalist style in 2017. Through her modeling photos and blog, Angelina has become known as the queen of all things monochromatic and minimalistic. With over 70000 Instagram followers, she gained additional recognition as Inspiro India’s Blogger of the Week in 2018. Join her journey of style and simplicity, as she continues to captivate her audience with her distinctive aesthetic.

9. Juhili Deb Barma

Meet Juhili Deb Barma, a shining example of style and determination in the realm of North East fashion Influencers. Her essence is beautifully captured in her blog, “Juhili’s Look Book,” where she shares a plethora of fashion and styling ideas. The consistency in her styling approach is evident through her Instagram profile and lookbook, showcasing her unique flair. Juhili isn’t just a fashion influencer; she’s also adept at cracking the code for modeling with giants like Cosmopolitan and Lifestyle. Explore her world of style and discover the perfect blend of elegance and determination through her captivating journey.

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10. Jumni Kamiki

Enter Jumni Kamiki, a breath of fresh air among North East fashion Influencers. A quick glance at her Instagram handle is all it takes to hit that ‘follow’ button. If you’re seeking cute and peppy style inspirations, her profile is the perfect go-to. Jumni’s posts follow a distinctive summer teal color grading, adding an extra layer of charm to her already appealing content. Join the community of followers and dive into the world of cute and vibrant style with Jumni Kamiki.

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11. Veronica Awungshi

Meet Veronica Awungshi, a Tangkhul Manipuri and a standout among North East fashion Influencers. Currently settled in New Delhi, her style is a perfect blend of subtlety and class. Whether it’s western outfits or traditional attire, Veronica effortlessly provides major fashion goals. Join her journey for a dose of sophistication and inspiration that transcends both modern and traditional fashion.

12. Peden Ongmu Namgyal

Introducing Peden Ongmu Namgyal, not only India’s representative to Miss Supranational 2017 but also a notable fashion influencer. Originating from Gangtok in Sikkim, Peden has achieved various titles, including Miss Sikkim 2017 and Miss North East Diva 2017. Beyond her achievements in the pageant world, Peden stands as a captivating fashion influencer, sharing her style journey with a growing audience.


In the vibrant realm of North East Indian fashion, these influencers emerge as cultural trailblazers, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity. From Aien’s contemporary twists to Merenla’s Bollywood journey, each influencer paints a unique stroke on the canvas of style. Their impact reaches beyond fashion runways, breaking stereotypes and fostering cultural pride. Peden Ongmu Namgyal’s grace, Jumni Kamiki’s peppy inspirations, and Veronica Awungshi’s chic elegance collectively showcase a tapestry of diversity. As digital ambassadors, they not only represent their roots but also transcend borders, leaving an indelible mark on global fashion. In this celebration of authenticity and individuality, North East influencers redefine beauty standards, leaving us inspired by their stories, and eager for the evolving future they continue to shape.


  1. Q: Who are some prominent North East fashion influencers?
    • A: Notable North East fashion influencers include Aien, Gloria Tep Rengma, Shivani Boruah, Nilu Yuleena Thapa, Lee Middleton, Banaras, Merenla Imsong, Angelina Pongener, Juhili Deb Barma, Jumni Kamiki, Veronica Awungshi, and more.
  2. Q: What makes North East fashion influencers unique?
    • A: North East fashion influencers bring a distinctive blend of cultural diversity, vibrant styles, and a fusion of traditional and modern fashion, setting them apart in the fashion influencer landscape.
  3. Q: How do North East influencers incorporate cultural elements into their fashion choices?
    • A: Many North East influencers seamlessly blend traditional attire and accessories with contemporary fashion, creating a unique style that reflects their cultural roots.
  4. Q: Are North East fashion influencers only focused on traditional wear?
    • A: No, North East influencers showcase versatility by embracing both traditional and western fashion. Their style ranges from ethnic wear to chic and modern outfits.
  5. Q: How can one collaborate with North East fashion influencers for brand promotions?
    • A: Collaboration inquiries can often be made through their social media profiles or personal websites. Many influencers are open to partnerships, brand collaborations, and fashion-related promotions.
  6. Q: Do North East fashion influencers only focus on regional fashion trends?
    • A: North East influencers often integrate global fashion trends into their style while infusing their unique regional influences, creating a fusion of both local and international fashion elements.
  7. Q: How do these influencers contribute to the promotion of North East fashion on a broader scale?
    • A: North East fashion influencers play a significant role in promoting the diversity and richness of North East Indian fashion on national and international platforms, breaking stereotypes and fostering cultural appreciation.
  8. Q: Can North East fashion influencers be approached for fashion-related events or collaborations outside the region?
    • A: Yes, many North East fashion influencers are open to collaborations and events beyond their region, contributing to the broader exposure of North East fashion on a national and global level.

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