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Elevate Your Space: Meet the Top 12 Home Decor Influencers in India

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Ever wondered how to turn your living space into a haven of style and comfort? Look no further than the Top 12 Home Decor Influencers in India! These trendsetters have mastered the art of transforming houses into homes, effortlessly blending tradition and contemporary flair. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or just starting, their feeds are a treasure trove of ideas that promise to make your home uniquely yours. Ready to dive into a world where design meets inspiration? Let’s embark on a visual journey with these influencers and unlock the secrets to elevating your home aesthetic!

Top Home Decor Influencers of India

1. Summati –@cozyyylilcorner

Meet Summati – the Instagram star known for DIY and Home Decor, with a big gang of fans who just love what they do. If you’re into making your space both comfy and stylish, Summati’s page is like your personal inspiration hub.

Her feed is all about mixing practicality with good looks, from cool DIY projects to putting together awesome home decor setups. Summati makes interior design feel like a fun adventure, taking influences from what’s popular and even throwing in some pop culture references for a cool and relatable vibe.

Ready to dive into the world of cozy and stylish spaces? Join Summati’s crew of home decor fans and get ready to turn your little corner into a snug haven, just like theirs. It’s creativity at its best!

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2. Rukmini Ray Kadam- @trumatter

Rukmini Ray, also known as Trumatter, is the owner of an award-winning home decor blog. Her captivating feed is a source of inspiration, showcasing a delightful blend of cozy aesthetics and decor pieces seamlessly integrated into one’s envisioned perfect home.

Enthusiastically scrolling through her page, we are eager to absorb the essence of her designs and envision our own comfortable and inviting living spaces.

Her decor style brings in homely comfort and looks cozy.  She provides hacks also on how to beautify a minimal, white space using the right kind of furniture and decor pieces, to create an elegant corner. 

3. Tanvi Agarwal- @wandererinvogue

If you have a penchant for all things hippie, boho, and vibrant, keeping up with her could be quite beneficial. Tanvi, a home decor blogger and content creator, curates an Instagram feed brimming with handmade treasures and items sourced from Indian brands and artisans. Candle holders, flower vases, frames, fairy lights, and dreamcatchers take center stage in her decor haven, accompanied by an abundance of lush greens.

If you’re aspiring to craft inviting, feel-good nooks in your living space, then make sure to follow her for a splash of colors and a touch of warmth to infuse into your home.

4. Reshma Kadvath – @reshmakadvath

Reshma Kadvath isn’t just an author; she’s been spotlighted in TOI and is a wizard at creating beautiful DIY crafts. Her Instagram is a treasure trove of ethereal and aesthetic home ideas, showcasing how a house can transform with a bit of vision and creativity. She effortlessly spans styles from traditional to minimalistic, adding a rustic touch that we absolutely love. Her mad talent is on full display, and if you’re into clever decor tips and fun DIY projects, her page is a must-follow!

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5. Kruti Badiani – @myhomevibes

Kruti Badiani, a decor stylist, has an Instagram page that’s a goldmine for folks new to decorating. If you’re after simple hacks to make your place look super pretty, this is your go-to. Her feed covers everything – from easy indoor plants to what colors will make your space pop. Nature is her muse, so get ready for calming blues, lots of greens, and earthy tones. She jazzes up white or pastel walls with a splash of color and keeps colorful walls chic with monochromatic goodies. It’s like a decorating 101 that’s both easy and eye-catching!

6. Sharon DSouza – @thekeybunchdecor

Explore Sharon DSouza’s world of home and garden wonders! Not only does she share fantastic tips and tricks on her website and Instagram for sprucing up your home and balcony/garden, but she’s also all about eco-friendly decor – you know, the kind that’s good for the planet and super trendy right now. Her page is basically a visual dream board that’ll have you saying, “I need that in my home!” If you’re on the lookout for inspiration to turn your living space into a dreamy haven, hit that follow button for a daily dose of home and garden brilliance!

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7. Rashmi Chandra – @rashmi1169

Her home is like a beautiful blend of classic and contemporary vibes, with a dash of traditional charm thrown in. Picture this: she draws inspiration from grand havelis and old Rajasthani palaces, bringing a bit of that cultural flair into her own space. Scrolling through her feed, you’ll notice it’s all about tea lights, lamps, and candle stands. Plus, she’s a pro at picking cushions, rugs, and runners that give rooms a cozy and neutral feel. Oh, and plants and fake flowers? They’re everywhere, adding a pop of color and a fresh vibe.

What’s cool is that she supports local artisans, giving her home that unique “Made in India” style. Get ready to feel inspired to shop local and bring some of that charm into your own space!

8. Rohina – @rohina

Meet Rohina, a big fan of lifestyle and home decor, and guess what? She’s not just any enthusiast; she snagged the Häfele Woman of Impact 2020 award! This girl loves spilling the beans on home interior ideas and her awesome DIY decorations. And guess what? She’s got her own online store where she sells all sorts of cool stuff – think furnishings, bedding, decor, wall hangings, bath essentials, and more. If her style clicks with you and you’re feeling the inspiration bug, you can grab some of those incredible decor pieces for yourself. It’s like bringing a slice of her awesomeness into your own space!

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9. Preethi Prabhu – @preethiprabhudotcom

Preethi isn’t just your average home interior enthusiast; she’s your go-to guide for turning your space into something truly amazing, and she does it all through her awesome content. But wait, there’s more – she’s also the brains behind a styling course. If you’re itching to learn the ropes of interior design and styling, or maybe even considering it as a career, she’s the expert you need. Dive into her world, and she’ll spill the secrets on framing, space-filling, and achieving that effortlessly cool minimalistic vibe.

Oh, and have you seen her feed? It’s a visual feast of beautiful art and decor items that you’ll be itching to get your hands on. Don’t wait – hit that follow button now for a daily dose of home decor magic!

10. Shivani Raina – @theshalomhome

Raina’s decoration style is all about bohemian and eclectic vibes, and you can totally see that in how she sets up her space. She’s like a treasure hunter, finding inspiration in plants, flowers, stones, and all things natural. Even though her decor is on the simpler side, it’s super classy because she sees beauty in everyday stuff. Imagine the rustic colors of leaves, fallen flowers, and the cool textures of a worn-out wall – that’s what gets her creative juices flowing. If you want to jazz up your place with a mix of textures and patterns that give it loads of personality, give her a follow. She’s got the tips you need!

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11. Surbhi Tangri – @decorandfashionalleybysurbhi

Surbhi Tangri’s Insta page is a burst of color, boho feels, and cozy chic vibes. It’s like a cool mix of traditional and Western home decor that you’ll love. She’s like a wizard at combining different pieces of furniture and making them look like they were made to be together. If you want your space to be colorful, stylish, and super comfy, her page is the place to be. So, check it out for some serious inspiration – you won’t be disappointed!

12. Shailly- @decorbyshailly

Last but not least, we’ve Shailly Choudhary, aka @decorbyshailly on Instagram – a rising star in the world of decor and lifestyle. With a whopping 291K followers, she’s got a big fan club who love her fantastic sense of interior design and home decor.

Scroll through her Insta, and you’re in for a treat! Shailly’s page is like a cool design book, full of awesome ideas and DIY tricks that you can try yourself. She’s a pro at mixing different styles, textures, and colors, making spaces look super beautiful and also unique.

People love Shailly’s creativity and how she pays attention to every little detail. She’s got a bunch of fans, including decor enthusiasts and folks dreaming of becoming interior designers, all eagerly waiting for her next post. So, it’s like a front-row seat to a stylish and creative world!

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Wrapping up: Home Decor Influencers of India

As we conclude our exploration of the Top 12 Home Decor Influencers in India, we find ourselves not just on a visual journey but a transformative one for our living spaces. These influencers, with their masterful blend of tradition and contemporary style, have curated feeds that are more than just aesthetically pleasing – they are a guidebook for turning houses into personalized havens. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or a beginner, the treasure trove of ideas offered by these trendsetters promises to infuse your home with a unique charm that reflects your taste and personality. So, let the design meet inspiration as you embark on this journey, unlocking the secrets to elevate your home aesthetic and create a haven of style and comfort that is distinctly yours.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Home Decor Influencers in India:

1. Who are home decor influencers?

Home decor influencers are individuals who have gained significant followers on platforms like Instagram and blogs due to their expertise and creativity in the field of home decoration. They inspire and guide their audience with innovative ideas, DIY projects, and styling tips for creating stylish and comfortable living spaces.

2. Why should I follow home decor influencers in India?

Following home decor influencers in India provides a wealth of inspiration and ideas for transforming your living space. These influencers showcase a unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles, offering a fresh perspective on interior design. Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or a beginner, their content can guide you in creating a personalized and aesthetically pleasing home.

3. How can home decor influencers help me in decorating my home?

Home decor influencers share a variety of content, including design trends, DIY projects, and styling tips. By following their advice, you can gain insights into color schemes, furniture arrangements, and innovative decor ideas. So, their expertise can guide you in making informed decisions to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

4. Are these influencers suitable for beginners in home decor?

Absolutely! Many home decor influencers cater to audiences with varying levels of expertise. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced decorator, their content often includes tips and ideas suitable for all skill levels. So, following their journeys can help you learn and implement creative decor solutions in your own home.

5. How can I interact with home decor influencers in India?

Most home decor influencers are active on social media platforms such as Instagram. You can interact with them by commenting on their posts, asking questions, and even sharing your own decor projects. Many influencers appreciate engaging with their audience and may respond to direct messages or comments.

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